Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When did this happen?

When we moved into this house I was impressed with the deep sinks (in all our apartment living we always had shallow sinks) so I would put the kids in there- my 15 month old and my three year old. They would sit in there for a long time playing while I unpacked boxes. I thought it was a brilliant distraction for them.... now two years later-

Tera had an accident on the floor and the closest place to clean her up happened to be the kitchen sink. Matt was rinsing her off, but I thought it would be fun to put her in the sink. Ashton thought it was hilarious and also wanted in. (He barley fit) They were full of giggles the whole time. These pictures made me wonder where the time went? Tera now 3 and Ashton 5- they are getting too big!
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Homemade gifts...

I have to share my favorite homemade gifts from my parents. My mom made these stockings (the one for Mazzi is almost done)
I love the different colored fabrics she chose and the embellishments- thanks Mom! They are also a perfect size- not too big, not too small. Now I can get rid of my cheesy furry stockings!

My dad made this stable or backdrop for my Willow Tree nativity. I also got the stars this year from my mother-in-law (the set is now complete!) My Dad also made one for my Mom, sister and sister-in-law. My mom helped paint and antique them. I think it looks just like the real one and I LOVE that my Dad and Mom made it. These are gifts I will treasure and remember each time I get out the Christmas decorations. I put all our other Christmas decorations away, but can't let these be packed up yet. I need a bit more time with them!
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The best Christmas gift...

My parents got Ashton a little Peewee 50 for Christmas. It is adorable seeing him ride it (except when he crashes into our car). He is getting the hang of it really well. Unfortunately as soon as this present was revealed it began to pour so we all got soaked watching him/helping him ride. He loves it. He is quite daring and will be following in his Dad and Grandpas footsteps! We discovered it is even fun to ride if you are a big kid. All the grown ups took it for a spin- minus me- I wasn't quite up for a ride at the time but am thinking now I might take it out!

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Meeting Mazzi

Mazzi is easy to love and won over the hearts of her Grandparents as well as her Uncle Bryce and Aunt Sierra.
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Merry Christmas

The hats my Grandma Scrimsher made us...

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Two weeks old.

Our little girl is already two weeks old today. How time flies with these little ones. She is beginning to be more alert and less cross-eyed :) She is the sweetest and most peaceful baby ever. She is making the transition easy on mommy and we all adore her.
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Tera often borrows our camera to take pictures. Apparently, she thought she should take a shot of herself. Not that I blame her. If I were that stinkin' cute I might snap a few shots of myself as well!
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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas card attempts

Posted by PicasaThese were a few of the shots we attempted for our Christmas pictures. I don't think any of the pictures turned out that excellent- but at least we got one with the whole family. Can you tell that Ashton has a hard time giving us a genuine smile? I love the one of the boys and Mazzi though. That's about how all the pictures were. Half of us would look good in one and the other half would look a little scary. Needless to say, this is the best we could do :)

Snow in So Cal

The kids were so excited when it snowed December 18th. Dad took them up to the Ortega mountains to play in the snow and they had a blast. Mom enjoyed the quiet time alone with little Mazzi. Every day since Tera puts on her big coat and asks to go play in the snow. I don't think she realizes what a rare opportunity it was for her to be able to play in the snow in Southern California.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008