Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't use neutrogena on your baby

Mazzi has had this reaction happen two times when she has taken a bath in our tub. I couldn't figure out what was doing this to her. I think I finally figured out that it only happened when the neutrogena bottle was in the water with her. Not that I was scrubbing her up with it, but I think enough of the oils got into the water and caused these hives to appear. It was a scary sight to see, but she wasn't at all bothered by it.

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The other day Ashton asked if he could bring me the sacrament. He proceeded to break bread apart and bring me bread and water. He was very reverent about the whole process. I am glad at least most of him wants to be good. :)

Today when I was volunteering at his school he came up to me to tell me that one of the little girls kept saying "God." He kept telling her that was a bad word. I told him, God was a good word and was only bad to say if she was saying it in vain. He said she was saying it bad. So I told him he could ask her to stop saying it like that but that not everyone believed it was bad to say the Lord's name in vain. He said, "yea but they should. We'll see if Ashton's influence can change some of his classmates ways! I love you Ash! Thanks for listening to Mom and listening in church- even when I think you aren't!

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First field trip

Ashton had the first feild trip of his school career to the San Diego Zoo, and I was able to voulenteer. (Thanks Niki for watching my other two munchkins!) I cannot believe that as Kindergartners they get to go to the zoo and to Lego land. I think we got to go to places like the fish hatchery and six flags for eight grade. There getting cooler things than we got in middle school! It was fun to spend a day with my little guy.
The huge hippo. Ashtons teacher said, "Hh, the hippo is cute." Ashton said "No it's not its big and ugly." True.
Ash and I.

Ashton and his teacher Mrs. Welch.

On the bus ride home Ashton fell asleep right away and slept the whole LONG two hour drive home. Busses are slow.
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

The party...

We had a Halloween Party at our house on Friday. We had a great time! The company and the food was awesome. Love Cafe Rio! Thanks everyone who attended and helped out.

I had trouble getting all these pictures up here and cannot seem to move them around much without it being a huge pain. So excuse the totally random-ness of the pictures and just enjoy the fact that they are here!

Matt and I went as Daphne and Fred (Scooby-Doo) the rest of the family will be in costumes to make up the rest of the gang. Katie B. dyed my hair for the event... so I will be a red/ornage haired person for the next week or so. Matt thinks it is hideous.
Clint showing off his mad juggling skills.... goth style.

The egg relay. Heather planned all the games and did a great job even though Matt didn't like the thought of smashed egg on the grass- it really wasn't that bad. Meagan with her date- the cupcake. She just dropped by costume-less to say hi. Even though we planned the party around Meagan, she still couldn't make it.
The rip your face off game- also Thanks to Heather and the Ellen Show. You put paper bags over your head and oven mits on each hand and then try to rip the bags off other peoples heads. It was a fun game... though some of us did get a little violent. I love Heathers stance in this picture! Hillarious!
Some of the girls- me, Sarah, Melissa, Amy, Nicki
Brandons ninja stance playing the rip your face off game.
Clint and Matt
Coral and Kara
Me and Kati- my rock star friend.
Ready for the game. I really wish these pictures were in order!

Matt and I- his hair was supposed to be yellow, but for some reason it turned green?
The girls
Ryan and Melissa- cowfolk
Clint and Nicki- pirates
Melissa and Greg- Witch and Andrew Bernard (office)
Kati and Todd- rock stars
Amy and Rich- Darth Vader and Princess Leah
Emily and Todd- Moose and Hunter
Susie and Brandon- Michael and his cute fairy date? They were hilarious! I wish I would have got more of him dancing to bad- but my camera was full. I totally would have posted it (even though I said I wouldn't) He really is an actor. And Susie- you are gorgeous! I want your hair.
Todd and Kara- holy people
Josh and Vanessa- Harry Potter
Heather and Seth- some inappropriate SNL skit people :)
Sarah and Don- Witch and Scarecrow
Melissa and Ryan- the dead bride and her next victim
Eating yummy cafe rio food
And eating...

Sarah and Kip- Army couple

Some of the girls- love this picture! I might photo-shop me into it just because I want to be part of it! Kim and Clint- Gothic couple. They were hillarious to me!

Coral and Mike- Octo-mom Nadya and her sperm donor- she pulled this off wonderfully! Even did her lips huge! So creative.

Thanks again everyone! We had a blast!

Homework battle

I cannot believe how much homework they give these little kindergartneres. Arent' they suppsoed toe be doing art, playign wtih blocks and takign naps? What has happened? Ashton is getting a little better about doing his homework. But there is still plenty of whining involved. This picture was taken right before I could tell he was going to lose it.
Every day after school Ashton and I will negotiate (which I am sure you are not supposed to do with a five-year old) how much homework he needs to do that day. It is usually two or three pages.
The other day after Ashton finished his two pages I was looking them over and realizing they were both the easiest pages in the packet and was about to have him do another page. But Ashton must have sensed it because he said "That was two activities (pages) Mom. You said two. Don't say more. Don't even try to talk me into it." And I didn't I was laughing too hard at how well he can read me.
Yeah! Homework is over. Time to play!

Why I love fall...

I can kick my kids outside to play in the backyard. We can go on walks without dying of heat. We can leave the windows open. I don't dread blow drying my hair and actually enjoy baking and cooking again.

I love the fall! 70 degrees is heavenly!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009


A few weeks ago we went on a date to Wood Ranch- a wonderful place for tri tip and salads (highly reccomend it) But I love this picture because you can tell that Wood Ranch tends to make these guys (and maybe most men) a bit giddy.
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