Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The joys of having a dirt bike...

About once a week the kids will ask Matt to take them on a motorcycle ride. They love riding with their Dad and he seems to enjoy taking them. It is their special time together. The kids sit and patiently wait for the other to come back so that they can have their turn. Tera looks out the window the whole time or asks to go out on the front porch to see if they are back yet.


My kids love to help me bake in the kitchen- especially if it is cookies and they get to eat the cookie dough. It has become a fun activity for us now that it is getting cool enough that I can handle the oven being on.

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My Favorite cleaners...

I took these pictures to document the things that bug me most--- these pictures are taken about two hours after I had de-fingerprinted everything in my house. The stainless garbage and fridge constantly need wiped off with the stainless special spray, then the coffee table requires pledge, and the entertainment center I have to use good ol' Windex. Lets just say I use each of these cleaners at least once a day. I have heard people say someday I will miss seeing the fingerprints and hand prints everywhere- I don't know. I am sure I will miss my kids being at this stage, but I doubt I will say, "Gee, I wish I had more stuff to clean." But, just in case I really do miss it- I have these pictures to remind me of the good' ol days!

I must say that my kids are pretty clean in general though. In fact, they love to help me clean, sweep, mop, vacuum, spray "stuff." Here's Tera helping out with the cleaning process...

At the farm...

The kids got to visit a friends farm for preschool. Tera is always most interested in the horses and Ashton loved the baby pot-belly pig. These were taken forever ago- but I forgot to post them- opps!

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My little boy is Five!

Getting ready for the party- Ashton and Tera blew up all the balloons with their air pump. They had a blast! And I was grateful I didn't have to blow them up. I wouldn't have thought of using the air pump!

Ashton wrapped all the streamers around trees and light post at the park-

Ashton chose to play croquet and horseshoes for his party. The croquet didn't lats long as the mallets quickly became weapons! But, it was fun for them while it lasted.
Ashton wanted a Ninja Turtle party- which I thought was a brilliant idea until I discovered no party stores sell any Ninja Turtle party supplies. I know this shouldn't have been a big deal- but I like when parties have themes. We ended up settling for- a regular turtle pinata with a ribbon tied around its head...
(I know I look thrilled in these pictures:) Thats about how I feel these days!
Ribbon tied around all of the kids heads A cupcake with a mini ninja turtle on it...And some cool ninja turtle moves on top of the rocks of course...

He had a happy day and got spoiled rotten of course!

He got this cool motorcycle helmet from his Nana and Papa so that he can be extra safe when he goes for rides with them. He was pretty excited to be like his Papa!

Getting crafty!

We had a little craft night at my house making plexi glass picture frame boards. We spent a long time painting, screwing, and cutting vinyl. By the end of the night we were all exhausted! Matt didn't know that he would be part of the project and would be beveling about 20 boards. He was a good sport. The projects are close to being complete now and they are all looking adorable.
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Silly Boy!

Ashton put on his Daddy's reading glasses and felt compelled to make these faces. For some reason I thought it was hilarious. This must be what he thinks Dad looks like in his glasses.
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Happy Ashley

One of my bestest friends celebrated her 25th November 10th (I am a little late) Just wanted to wish her a happy day and post some pictures. Ashley and I met when we were fourteen. She was an answer to my prayers, as I had been praying for a good friend. That week Ashley moved to Redding and she just happened to be LDS- (rare as there were only four other LDS kids in our middle school) I just adore her and am grateful for all the good memories we have made.
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Back to work...

Matt is officially employed again- yippee! He is in San Diego right now training with AAA- I don't even know what that stands for actually- but basically they sale car insurance (and home) I think? He is enjoying the training so far. It looks like it will only take about an hour and a half to get home so he will be coming up once or twice a week to help me stay somewhat sane (what a nice guy:) So today is his third day at work and I miss the guy. Those three months with him home were a bit hard. I think we were both feeling a bit stressed and I just wanted my computer back! I am proud of Matt for hanging in there until something came along. He's a good guy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes on Prop 8!

We've had a lot of opportunities down here in Southern California to wave signs, make calls and put up signs in our yard and everywhere else to support proposition 8. It has been an overall good experience. Of course there have been the people cursing at us, flipping us off, hanging up on the phone and removing the signs left and right- but it really doesn't bug me. I don't let it get to me because I know it is a righteous effort to support traditional marriage and that of course there is going to be opposition, as there is in all things. But I feel good knowing I am putting forth effort to protect marriage. Hope everyone voted today! We will see soon what is going to be happening here in crazy California regarding marriage.

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Something I've always wanted...

Turning these old windows into...
Picture frames....

So much fun!!

Fun with vinyl...

I always enjoy the holiday season and getting ready for Christmas....

Here are some things I have created--- for more ideas check out my website-