Thursday, October 28, 2010

Visiting my Sis...

I had a great visit to Texas to see my little sis Sierra and her hubby Bryce. I was able to be there for a doctors visit. It was so special to see their little baby on the monitor jumping all over the place. I am so excited for them to be parents. They were told them wouldn't be able to have children unless they did in-vetro, so this was a huge blessing in their lives.

I was able to be their for Sierras and we had a nice evening barbecuing and hanging out with her friends.

This has become my "signature pose" as my mom calls it.

Sierra is a hair dresser and it is always a treat to have her do my hair. This time she put dark underneath and touched up the roots and added BANGS! I was afraid, but I am liking them. Matt does not, but he'll get over it!

I took some pictures of Sierra and Bryce so they have some pictures to hang up om their cute little house that they have fixed up. They are a cute, fun couple.

Sierra and Bryce took me country dancing at a BAR. My first time ever being in a bar. But it didn't feel too "bar-ish." We played shuffle board and watched people country dance. Some people were really good. It was quite entertaining to watch.

Happy Sierra! I think she turned 23?! Wow I should really know her age! Love you Sis!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Our first attempt at family pictures... not too bad... but not too good either. I think we will try again for a Christmas card worthy picture :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween is near...

We are getting ready for Halloween! We visited the pumpkin patch...

The kids love their pumpkins so much they named them. Teras pumpkin is Jalaylee (she likes black people names- thats probably not political correct) and Ashtons is Rocky. They take showers with their pumpkins, clothe them, eat with them, say prayers with them, and even insist that I take them in the car to school. I agreed to this one day and then my arms were sore from lugging the pumpkins around everywhere.

We decorated a gingerbread haunted house...

And made Nana's house look pretty spooky! We are ready for Halloween!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Date with Grandpa

My Dad took Tera to a Community Princess Tea Party. He even dressed up as a prince. He is the coolest Grandpa ever. She still talks about their date to the tea party and says it was one of the best days ever. They had the community princes their dressed up as different Disney Princesses.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some things we do

These days Tera can often be found with a hula hoop in her hand. She is so good at hula hooping that she is starting to make up a routine. She can go down on her knees and stand back up while keeping the hoop spinning, as well as spin while spinning the hula hoop. Its pretty cute to watch. She has all the attitude and expression on her face as she goes too.

Mazzi loves to find little "spots" that are just hers. She loves to bring pillows in this large basket and thing bring toys and legos in their to build.

She is also learning to jump. It is adorable!

This is her favorite spot in my parents house. It is a cabinet under the TV stand. She loves to shut herself in there while we look for her and listen for her muffled singing. She is always singing, yelling, or jabbering some nonsense.

Tera is enjoying her dance lessons, and both of the kids are enjoying gymnastics.

and were still enjoying the beauty down here. We went rafting as a family down the Sacramento river one weekend. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I think I have finally adjusted to living in Redding.
And just so I have these conversations documented...
Tera said the cutest prayer the other day.
"Dear Heavenly Father.
Thank you for miracles
Thank you for my remembering brain
Thank you that Mazzi won't pull my hair for a couple days."
And Ashton said something funny in the car. "Files are just like us. Except their smaller and they fly." I then asked him in which ways there were like us. He couldn't think of a single thing!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not quite 5 1/2...

Tera celebrated her FIFTH last month. I was very anxious for her to celebrate... mainly so she would stop asking me "how many days until my So you can imagine my horror when a few days after her birthday she said "How many days until I turn five and a half?"

She had a nice tea party birthday with a few friends. They had fun getting their nails painted, dancing and dressing up.