Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bringing out the best in Ashton

Ashton adores Mazzi, and she him. They are so cute together. Mazzi totally lights up when she sees her big brother and Ashton is always excited to see baby Mazz. I love to watch them together. Mazzi brings out the best in Ashton.

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You'd be smiling too...

If you had cute shose like these. My friend Danielle makes these adorable shoes. She has an etsy shop called twirlybird boutique.
So super cute! Thanks Danielle!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebrity look-alikes

Inspired by a recent conversation with friends about what celebrity's we look like, I decided to go on this website and "scientifically" figure it out. For the most part I am not happy with who people tell me I look like. I have gotten Alanis Morsett, Sally Fields, Eeyore, Katie Holmes and Christine Taylor. The last two I don't mind... but the rest, not digging.

So... here are the results.
I was really hoping that it would say that I looked 100% like Britney- but apparently I don't even look 70% like Britney. Sad. Maybe I'll bleach my hair, wear sequence and try again. - free family trees, genealogy and face recognition">

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

Matt was very excited to discover that he looks like Barack Obama. Who would have thought? I personally am digging Theodore Sturgeon. But especially Val Kilmer and Richard Gere.... hot :)

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Geneology - Pedigree

Fun Family Night

Oh the joy of iceblocking...

I know I have blogged about this before- but I really can't get over how much fun it is to go iceblocking. Our family went last week and we had so much fun. Ashton said it was one of the funnest things we have done together as a family- even better than Disneyland (but not seaworld) We will have to make a night of this and do it with friends soon... because I am sure you are all getting sick of me talking about it. You just need to experience it!


No- not me, or Mazzi for that matter... just the streaks in my hair are extra chunky and I am enjoying them. My sister does not like chunky so when she does my hair she cringes when I ask her to do it "chunky" but Katie didn't cringe. Thanks Katie. Sierra- when you do my hair at Christmas (I'm sure you will be expecting it) we can do it a little less chunky :)
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nine months

Our little Mazzi Mooskers is 9 moths old. She is everywhere; usually found with her tounge sticking out and the cutest little four-tooth grin on her face. She kicks her chubby little legs whenever she gets excited and is still super cuddly and perfectly chubby. It is impossible for me to think about this little one without smiling myself. My darling baby.

I know most Moms would post pictures of their little girls all dolled up with bows and ribbons and the cutest stylish clothes on. Not this Mom. For some reason the cutest pictures of our little Mazz are always the ones where she is naked or in a diaper. She rips out anything I put in her hair and leaves it sticking straight up. So, you get to appreciate her natural beauty. And I love her little bum (I think she's gonna have a bubble butt) 

PS. Mazzi, will you stop growing up?
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Three minutes

This morning I got Ashton and Tera ready for school. Tera got picked up for preschool, then I dropped Ashton off at his school, went home to get myself ready, dropped Mazzi off at Kati's so I could voulenteer in Ashton's classroom for an hour (so fun and for some reason makes me feel like I'm a good mom, which I need to feel. Plus, I like having a badge; it makes me feel offical). Then I pick up Mazzi at Kati's and head to her pediatrition appointment. Her appointment was at 10:15. I checked in at 10:18. At 10:36 they call Mazzi's name so I go up to the front desk expecting to go back to see the doctor. But instead...

Stupid receptionist tells me this-"You're appointment was at 10:15 and it is past 10:30, so you cannot see the doctor."
Me (trying not to reach over and rip her hair out): "Yes, but it was not 10:30 when I checked in, it was 10:18."
Stupid Receptionist: "We still cannot see you."
Me: "I was only three minutes late"
Stupid receptionist:"It is not my desiciion it is the doctors. You'll have to reschedule."

Now I am trying not to throw the container with all the pens on it at her or chuck everythign off the counter.
She schedules my appointment and I walk out. I don't tell her "Thank you" or even say a word. and I even leave the magazine that Mazzi chucked on the ground there. Oh yea, what a rebel.

Yet still I don't feel satisfied. So, are any of my friends up for egging the doctors office tonight? Let's say 11:00ish after the dance party?

Anyways- I guess I need to learn to be on time. I am consistently five minutes later everywhere I go, even my aerobics class, yes, the one I teach- now that is bad. So, maybe this was supposed to be a lesson for me to be on time. Even three minutes is late. I just wish it didn't have to be taught to me by such a stupid receptionist. Now I will be back Monday... maybe even three minutes early- but this time with all three kids- and it won't be pretty for anyone involved, myself included. If this was a test, as all life is, to see how patiently I would handle this kind of situation, I failed.

Monday, September 14, 2009

San Clemete Camping

We had a great time on the annual(?) camping trip to San Clemente with the Nelsons, McDowell's and Grays.

Things I learned/re-learned during the vacation:
The preparation for camping is exhausting
Fire is hot
Smores are good
The ocean is powerful
Camping is dirty
The Laundry aftermath is overwhelming
Camping is fun
Sunglasses should not be worn when playing in ocean
Mazzi loves dogs and the ocean
Ashton can be mean to kids (sorry Amy)
Friends are wonderful..
We miss the Cooks

Upon getting ready to post this I realized that we did not get a single group shot, or even a family shot. This is the closest thing we got to a group picture, and also reflects my favorite memory- going out with the girls to play in the waves. The water was perfectly refreshing and we had a blast getting pummeled by the waves, even undressed by the waves in some instances.

Here are my dirty little campers at the end of the two day trip. I could not wait to get them home and bathe them~ or myself for that matter!

Here's Ashton doing what he did a good portion of the trip- fighting/tormenting Brendan (also know as the "wild beast." Who knows why Ashton feels like he should bully Brendan. Thanks Gray's for beign such good sports about it. Even when Ashton has said things like "I don't like that boy (to "that boy's" own mother) or "Why are you still hear?" to their family. I hope they know that Matt and I love their family enough to make up for Ashtons apathy towards them!
I love this picture of Amy and her little boys.

Ashton's favorite part of camping is the fire and roasting marshmallows. He loved to make them for Matt and I and tell us how to roast them perfectly. "You keep them close to the flames for a little and then you touch them on the wood and then the last thing- you keep them in the flames for five minutes so they get really melty." I think Ashton is definitely happiest when he is camping. I asked him "Do you think camping is the best thing ever?" He said "No, the best thing would be living with Jesus." I said and then camping? "Yeah." See, he really does want to be a good little boy :)

Mazzi loved the ocean. She loved eating the sand...

... being buried in the sand...
... and playing in the waves with her Daddy.

Tera, however, was not fond of Mazzi playing in or by the ocean. She was very concerned anytime we let Mazzi near the water and would quickly pick her up and carry her far from the ocean. She was very protective of her and kept telling Matt and I to hold Mazz.

Mazzi and Lyric hanging out in the play pen, both sticking out their cute tongues.

Ashton on a bike ride with his Dad. The Grays brought their bikes and they were a big hit. The bike rides were actually Tera's favorite part, but I didn't capture it on film. She would often ask us to take her on a bike ride, "a long one."
And Mazzi with the Nelsons new dog, Sobe. Mazzi got so giddy every time she saw this dog. Matt decided it would be a good idea to put her in the pen with the dog, and it was. I think it was her favorite pat of the trip for sure, as well as Matt's. Very entertaining.
Good times... good friends... good memories...

Teras first real day

Tera has officially begun preschool. She loves it and loves that she gets to go to school with all of her little buddies. She picked out her outfit to wear on the first day of school. She chose the Tinkerbell outfit her Grandma got her for her, and it matched her backpack. She now thinks she call only wear Tinkerbell to school, which could quickly become a problem because she only has two Tinkerbell shirts.

She had a good first day and gets excited anytime I tell her it is a "preschool day."
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Teras best friend (and one of mine)

Last year I met Bekah. Right when I met her I thought that she was the nicest person I had ever met. I thought perhaps she was too nice and possibly wouldn't like me because I wasn't nice enough. But, Bekah is not that way. She cares about everyone and doesn't judge. I feel so blessed to know her and to have her as a friend. She is such an example to me of strength, perseverance, patience, kindness and charity. I often think "I wish I could be like Bekah." She seems to have many trials in her life, especially health related trials, yet I never hear her complain. Instead of focusing on the challenges going on in her life she is always serving others, myself included. We always look forward to play-dates at Bekah's house, we all adore her.
On Tera's birthday, when I was taking her to Disneyland, my other two kiddos stayed with Bekah. She is so good to help out watching my kids. But Tera was very sad that Mazzi and Ashton got to stay with Bekah and she had to go to Disneyland with her mom! This situation demonstrates perfectly the love this girl has for Bekah. What kind of kid would choose to go to someones house rather than go to Disneyland wit their mom? And then later that day when I was asking her who loved her the most she said "Bekah and Mom." (I was second) Then I asked her if she loved me or Bekah more (I know you probably shouldn't ask little kids these kinds of questions) and she said "I like you both the same." And I am okay with that; just grateful that I at least "tied" with Bekah. Bekah makes my kids feel special and loved (and me too). When Tera is over Bekah plays with her the whole time, as if she were a child. Most grown-ups tend to visit and let the kid splay together, but this is not what happens at Becca's. She is in on the playing. Each time Tera sees Bekah she runs to her and hugs her. Even Mazzi lights up when she sees the Eliasons. Bekah has a gift for letting people feel special and that they are children of God. What a gift. What a friend. We love you Bekah. I will keep trying to be more like you.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ashton's submarine

Ashton has been really busy this last week. He's been building a submarine. He works on it everyday for about an hours. His friend Brandon and Kade have helped him, as well as Donald and Eli. It is really coming along quite nicely. When it is all ready Ashton and Brandon are going to take it down to the lake to try it out. I will let you know how that goes.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dance Party

In the heat of a September evening in Lake Elsinore we had a sweaty dance party in our backyard to celebrate Tera's fourth, at Tera's request.

The kids really didn't get too involved in the dancing... unless the adults were dancing with them. Kim was definitely the party animal.

The girls (and even the boys) did get involved in the dressing up though.
Tera got her first big girl princess bike. She is very cute and cautious riding it down the road. She is always asking to go on walks (rides) now.
Tera requested that there be pink, purple and blue balloons at her party with matching cupcakes. 
And, like every other child she was so excited to open all her presents. We love this little girl. She brings so much happiness into my life with her sweet smiles and her snuggles and her "true love kisses". The thought of her growing up and not being my little Tera makes me sad. I so want her to stay my sweet, innocent, sensitive little girl.  
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