Monday, December 14, 2009

Love these girls...

I am blessed with some amazing friends. Oh how I hope no one else moves (boo Shelley!) so that nothing else has to change and I can hang out with these girls and have girl nights up until the time I am 80! Love you girls. Thanks for some amazing memories and hard laughs!!

Some favorite quotes:
*Onward you're a hoe! (Vanessa)
* No one reads your blog anyway. (Melissa)
* He's really playful with me (Niki-about Clint

I know there were more but when you post something a month later it is bound to not be so fresh in your mind!

Busy girl...

This little one is all of a sudden everywhere and into everything! As I type this she is playing in the office garbage can (no worries- it's all paper) and taking every single envelope out of the envelope box. What happend to me calm child? I can't believe she will be a one-year-old in two days!

How much can you bench?

The other day Ashton asked if he could watch a movie and I said no. He said, "oh, because I need some exercise?" Sure. Next thing I knew Ashton had my step out and was looking for weights. When he couldn't find weights he got the heaviest thing he could find- a bag of frozen stir fry and vegetables. It was very cute watching him bench our frozen food.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pathetic Fall...

I have looked at several blogs of friends in Utah, Ohio, Idaho, Wisconson and Washington and have seen the beautiful fall foliage. Such bright, pretty colors... and must say I feel a little jipped on the falls here in Southern California. Luckily, my kids don't know better and Ashton was thrilled to gather this ridiculously small pile of leaves to jump in.
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If these two get married...

This will have to be on their engagement announcement. How stinkin cute is this picture? They would have the cutest kids with the roundest little cheeks ever! And Tera would have the coolest in-laws! So I am totally kidding... but I do love this picture. Side note- I was only a year older than Tera when I met Matt! So this is possible.
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Cute baby girls and an Indian

This is the only picture I have from Thanksgiving day. We had a yummy breakfast over at Nikis to start the day and got a picture of these three cute girls together. It is so fun having friends with kids the same ages as my kids and to watch them play together. Mazzi is already a super social baby. She gets excited to see her little friends and loves to pull their hair and pinch them. I get excited to see my friends as well- but I refrain from the pinching and pulling. Glad to have such good friends to celebrate with!

Ashton made this Indian vest in Kindergarten to get ready for Thanksgiving. He's a pretty cute little Indian. This Indian loves Pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes (with gravy)
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Need to remember this...

A few days ago all of my kids fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep for little naps. It was wonderfully quiet in my house. Tera fell asleep for the transfer to the couch, Mazzi stayed in her car seat. Ashton slept for a while in the car and then wandered into the office and fell back to sleep on the floor. This is the first time this has happened since Mazzis birth and it probably won't be happening again anytime soon.

But boy did I enjoy it!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Boutique Sale...

I have several things left over from my boutique and in an effort to keep them out of a box in my garage I am selling all of them for up to 1/2 off. So if there's something you had you're eye on but held back- here is your chance to grab it!

These prices are only for the items already made.
Shipping rates apply if not local- ranges 5-10.00 for shipping

Examples of awesome prices--
All pre-made tiles- 6.00
Pre-made Shower blocks- 6.50
Pre-made Stackables- 13.00

Please check out my website under "boutique sale" to see all items available. Happy discount shopping!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Ashton,

Dear Ashton,

You will always have a special place in my hear. You bring adventure, imagination and love into my life. Although you're mischievousness and endless energy often times drive me nutty, they are also the things I adore about you and the things that make you.... you. You always have something to say and think that you can negotiate about everything and end up getting your way. You always have a plan and an agenda. You remember every comment I make and any activity we do. You have a fun sense of humor and always make other people laugh and smile. I love being your mother and can't imagine life without you. I always look forward to the silly things that come out of your mouth. You are as creative and energetic as they come. I love seeing you grow and seeing what a good, big boy you are turning into. But at the same time- how I miss my intense little baby boy who always had to be bounced to sleep and loved to go outside. Please stop growing up so fast.

Your Mom

Ashtons birth-week

Ashton had quite the celebration for his sixth I told him he might never have another birthday as cool as this one. We started out the festivities with him and I going to Disneyland together. Tera and I did this for her and it was so nice spending one on one time with her that I decided we would make it a tradition; Mom always doing something with the birthday boy or girl. So Ashton and I went and we had soo much fun. He is tall enough to go on most of the big kid rides so we went on roller coasters and on Indiana Jones. He is very brave.
He felt so special being with just mom. He skipped every where we went and kept hugging my leg. It was a special time with my little boy and I will always remember it. We raced up Tarzan's tree house two times. he is so fast! He wore me out.

At Indiana Jones. I thought he would be afraid (because I am a little afraid of it) But he was so brave. I got close to him and kept saying "it's okay it's not real." Finally he got annoyed with me and said " I know mom. I am not scared, you are."

Then, the day before his the whole family went down and stayed the night in Carlsbad. The kids love staying at motel's. They watched some TV and went in the hot tub.

The next morning (Ashton's actual we went to McDonald's, Ashton's favorite breakfast place. He loves the hash browns, the yogurt parfaits and the sausage mcgriddles. He planned out everything he wanted to eat during his birthday (week) it was cute. When we were talking about what a good he was going to have he said "I know because I am going to have the yummiest food."
After a nice light (ha) breakfast at McDonald's, we went to LEGO LAND and Sea life aquarium. The kids had a blast. It is perfect for their age. And Ashton is very into Lego's so it was really neat for him.

This was the place you could build your car from Lego's and race them against others. Ashton and Tera loved this place.

Ashton and I went on the biggest roller coaster there together. It had one big drop off and Ashton was a little nervous about it. We went down the big hill (it was at the beginning) and he said "does this only go around once?" I told him yes and he seemed relieved. But then by the end of the ride he said "I wish it went around twice." When we got out we went and looked at the picture that was taken during the steep hill. I was yelling in it and Ashton had a terrified look on his face. We both laughed and he said "I am embarrassed about that picture. Let's not tell Dad." I love the things this little boy says.

The next day was Ashton's party with all of his little buddies. I don't know if it is jut me but I always am surprised at how crazy birthday parties are. You'd think I would know what to expect by now, but they always end and I think "Wow. That was crazy." This party was no exception, but Ashton and his buddies had a good time.

Here he is opening the presents. The presents consisted mostly of weapons, bakugans and Legos. The present opening was one crazy ripping and tearing and I wasn't able to enforce good manners and appropriate thank you's as I would have liked to do. So those who came please accept this big THANK YOU!!

He kept getting a little crowded from the kids trying to view the present opening and he would tell everyone to back up and he kept moving places but the kids kept following him because they wanted to see too. Finally one of us little buddies, Eli yelled at everyone to "Give him some space." It was adorable.
Ashton requested GI Joe brownies. Ashton does not like cake (like his mommy) so requested brownies with ice cream, chocolate and Carmel sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles. He was very particular. For snacks at his party he requested sausage, pringles and strawberries with powdered sugar. I of course provided these odd snacks- happy to cater to my boys weird desires.
Kim is such a great Friend. She helped out by painting each kids face. I think there were at least 20 kids whose faces she painted. She's such a good sport.
All the kiddos.
The GI Joe Pinata.
And Ashton had to have Panda Express orange chicken (his absolute fave) Nana sent him money so he could take us out to lunch there.
Love you Ash! Thanks for being our boy.