Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pirate Party!

Ashton turned four on the 11th of November! We can't believe how old he is! He had a lot of fun at his party- Moments after this picture was taken Ashton got wacked in the head with the stick- he got a little anxious to get the candy- opps! After some ice on the head he was back to celebrating!
Ashtons buddies- we have made some great friends here in Elsinore- and we feel blessed that several of our friends have kids Ashton and Teras ages.
A cute cheesey grin! Do you think this kid likes attention?
He blew them all out- with a little bit of help from his friend (whom he punched afterwards)

Monday, November 5, 2007

More Fun....

Ashton is hanging on for dear life- on the swing at California Adventures-
The end of a fun day!

I could not believe how grown up Tera looked in this picture- she isn't a baby anymore- but a big two year old! Guess its time for another one!! Just have to convince Matt!

Happiest Place on Earth-

Our family got Disneyland annual passports when we moved down to Southern California- we definaltey got our use out of them- and we had a lot of fun there! This was our last disneyland outing- it was only a week ago and I am already having disneyland withdrawls!!

Tera loved that she was able to wear eyeshadow for the first time as tinkerbell!

Ashton, on the otherhand, wasn't so excited about being able to wear tights for the first time. He does not think they are very comfortable- and I couldn't agree with him more- hence the reason I try to avoid pantyhose at all costs!

Peter Pan and Friends

Happy Halloween! We had fun dressing up as a family to go to a halloween party. Matt was Captain hook, I was Wendy, Ashton was Peter pan and Tera was our little tinkerbell. The most eventful part of Halloween planning was when I dyed Ashtons tights green. First off they dyed Ashtons feet green when his feet sweat. He had green feet for three days. So, I tried again,this time adding detergent to the load so that my son would not be dyed. That time it did not dye him green however, three loads of laundry later I saw green spots on all of our clothing! I decided I am not a ritz dye fan! Other than green spots- and Ashton catching the flu on Halloween, we had a Happy Halloween! Tera loved saying trick or treat and now her favorite question is "Tan I have Tandy?" (Can I have candy in adult language)