Monday, December 14, 2009

Love these girls...

I am blessed with some amazing friends. Oh how I hope no one else moves (boo Shelley!) so that nothing else has to change and I can hang out with these girls and have girl nights up until the time I am 80! Love you girls. Thanks for some amazing memories and hard laughs!!

Some favorite quotes:
*Onward you're a hoe! (Vanessa)
* No one reads your blog anyway. (Melissa)
* He's really playful with me (Niki-about Clint

I know there were more but when you post something a month later it is bound to not be so fresh in your mind!

Busy girl...

This little one is all of a sudden everywhere and into everything! As I type this she is playing in the office garbage can (no worries- it's all paper) and taking every single envelope out of the envelope box. What happend to me calm child? I can't believe she will be a one-year-old in two days!

How much can you bench?

The other day Ashton asked if he could watch a movie and I said no. He said, "oh, because I need some exercise?" Sure. Next thing I knew Ashton had my step out and was looking for weights. When he couldn't find weights he got the heaviest thing he could find- a bag of frozen stir fry and vegetables. It was very cute watching him bench our frozen food.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pathetic Fall...

I have looked at several blogs of friends in Utah, Ohio, Idaho, Wisconson and Washington and have seen the beautiful fall foliage. Such bright, pretty colors... and must say I feel a little jipped on the falls here in Southern California. Luckily, my kids don't know better and Ashton was thrilled to gather this ridiculously small pile of leaves to jump in.
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If these two get married...

This will have to be on their engagement announcement. How stinkin cute is this picture? They would have the cutest kids with the roundest little cheeks ever! And Tera would have the coolest in-laws! So I am totally kidding... but I do love this picture. Side note- I was only a year older than Tera when I met Matt! So this is possible.
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Cute baby girls and an Indian

This is the only picture I have from Thanksgiving day. We had a yummy breakfast over at Nikis to start the day and got a picture of these three cute girls together. It is so fun having friends with kids the same ages as my kids and to watch them play together. Mazzi is already a super social baby. She gets excited to see her little friends and loves to pull their hair and pinch them. I get excited to see my friends as well- but I refrain from the pinching and pulling. Glad to have such good friends to celebrate with!

Ashton made this Indian vest in Kindergarten to get ready for Thanksgiving. He's a pretty cute little Indian. This Indian loves Pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes (with gravy)
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Need to remember this...

A few days ago all of my kids fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep for little naps. It was wonderfully quiet in my house. Tera fell asleep for the transfer to the couch, Mazzi stayed in her car seat. Ashton slept for a while in the car and then wandered into the office and fell back to sleep on the floor. This is the first time this has happened since Mazzis birth and it probably won't be happening again anytime soon.

But boy did I enjoy it!
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