Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chicken Ribs

We don't eat a lot of ribs at our house so when we have them they are a treat. So when we made ribs the other night Ashton and Tera each out-ate me. I think they each ate four. They were loving every bite and were so amused that they were eating meat right off the bones. I on the other had, don't like eating meat off the bones as it makes me feel like a savage. But sometimes, the things that make you not like something as an adult, are the exact reasons why you like it as a child. So, after consuming more than their fair share of meat, Ashton and Tera asked if we could have ribs every day. I explained that ribs are expensive and pork (pig meat as Ashton loves to say) is not very good for you. Ashton quickly responded said "Then lets eat Chicken ribs because they aren't expensive since they are so small and chicken is good for you too." He doesn't realize yet that chicken ribs taste nothing like pork ribs. But, it was cute. And heres some pictures of the little savages...

Monday, May 24, 2010


Mazzi is into everything. This particular day she first played in the kitty litter box and was smashing up kitty poo in her hands when I found her. I cleaned her up and then began cleaning up the cat litter mess. After I finish cleaning that up I go check on miss Mazz to find her with a full roll of unraveled toilet paper that she is putting piece by piece in the toilet. I move her away from that. Then run to get the phone and come back upstairs to find Mazzi no longer in her bathroom, which I had shut the door to, but in our bathroom with all my makeup out and her face covered with the concealer stick. Then Mazzi got her third bath of the day (this all by 11:30) and those three messes occurring in the span of a 1/2 hour. I guess this little one needs a bit more supervision and less freedom?

Good thing she's cute!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Take me out to the ball game!

We attended a storm baseball night the other day. The kids had a great time listening to the fun songs, watching the mascot "Thunder" be silly, eating cracker jacks and hot dogs and playing on the bounce houses. I don't know if we watched the game at all... but we had some good family fun!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

San Fransisco...

Matt won a trip to San Fransisco for being one of the top sellers for AAA. So proud of my auto insurance sales man! I know its not his dream job... but turns out he's pretty good at it.

We had such a nice, relaxing time being without the kiddos for three days. Much thanks to all my friends for helping out with the kids! I have the best friends!

The first night we had a catered dinner at the exploratorium, a cool mueseum in San Fran. We had fun being silly together.

The next day we walked around the peirs and ended the day at Ghiradellis and had the best ice cream sundae ever!

We also toured another chocolate factory TCHO and got to put on these awesome hair nets to do the walk through. I have never felt so HOT! I am hugging the big chocolate mixer to get warm. It was so chilly in San Fransisco!

The last day Matt and I biked the Golden Gate bridge. We got lost a few times, but we made it. We had a nice time together.... biking against the wind.

We had a great time! Here's hoping he wins the next trip.. to Hawaii!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can we go there again?

Several weeks ago we went to "Pretend City" in Irvine for playgroup. My kids absolutely loved it and I was very impressed.

They had a cute pretend cafe where you make food and order

and a cute little river where you could go fishing...
and a place to dig for vegetables (without getting dirty)
Tera loved the pretend grocery store

The doctors office

And Ashton loved the money. He went around to all the ATMs collecting a grocery basket full of money!

He has been asking can we go that pretend place with the money again? So if your looking for something fun this summer try it out!
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Come back!

A month ago... one of my favorite people came to visit... my mom. We had the most perfect visit.
We went on a mountain bike ride at Santa Rosa Plateau..

Spent an afternoon at the beach (even let Ashton ditch school) We were lucky and got to see several dolphins and seals. It was fun.
Spent some time at the new park in our neighborhood..

Miss you Mom... come back! How can you stay away from this sweet little one?

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The story of the purses..

I got this mustard yellow purse... loved it.
My mom saw it and wanted one like it. She kept trying to get me to give her mine... but I refused. Kind of. I actually said I would if we couldn't find one for her... So we wen to Kohl's. They had purple, red and mustard yellow all in the same style.
After much contemplation... she decided on the red one.
Then on the way to take her to the airport... she decided that maybe she still liked the mustard yellow one better and asked me to trade her. Her reasoining was that she wore red a lot and the reds would clash.

Me being the good daughter I am.. traded her. She switched all contest to the other purse.
Now I have a red purse and I tell her every time I get a compliment on it. The end.
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