Monday, April 27, 2009

So this is love

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Lunch with Ash

AShton often makes his own lunch- this meal was chicken nuggets with bbq sauce, french fries (both frozen) and fry sauce made all by himself. I thought it was adorable that each item got it's own plate, even the fry sauce.
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More visitors

Nana and Gigi (Great Grandma) came down for a visit a few weeks ago-it was perfect. I want them to be my neighbors. Posted by Picasa

Four months old...

Our little girl is growing up- despite our pleading her to stay little. We are enjoying the baby stage so much with little Mazzi. She is such a sweet, patient, calm. lovable, cuddly little baby girl. It seems with each baby I appreciate the baby stage more because I realize more and more that it passes all too quickly. Mazzi brings happiness into our home. She is now rolling and starting to sit, is playing with toys, and smiling all the time. She loves her brother and sister and her mommy and daddy and of course we all adore our little Mazzi Moo.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thompsons visit

Matt's parents came down a few weeks ago. So nice having family visiting- leaving us wondering- why do we live so far away from family?

Matt's dad met Mazzi for the first time- as you can tell, she likes her Grandpa.

They worked on the ol' Honda and got her looking quite good (Thanks Larry) Ashton was a big help.

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Caught with his pants down...

Ashton prefers to pee outside. If he's outside and needs to pee I often catch him peeing on the side yard or even off our front patio. We have talked to him several times about this and asked him to come inside to pee. This time I happened to have the camera with me when I looked out the garage door and caught him peeing on our side yard. This is just one of many examples of how obedient my child is!

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Belated Easter

In an attempt to catch up on blogging, let me post some Easter pics-

We were happy to have Matt's parents with us to celebrate Easter.

Before taking off for church in our Easter best (poor Matt was suffering from sinus-itis)

Our angelic Mazzi- we discovered we love her in yellow.

Tera discovered the Easter baskets before church. I think the Easter bunny meant to put them out after church (since we have 8:30 am church), but he accidentally left them in my closet and Tera quickly informed Ashton that "Easter is here" and showed him the baskets. So the kids opened their baskets without us knowing it, as we were busy getting ready for church. Tera had an Ariel swim suit and bubble blower amongst her treats.

Ashton had a Lego set and Scooby Doo movies along with his Easter candy.

Dying the Easter eggs-

(and their hands)
After church we went on a little walk/hike and took a picnic lunch along. We got back and had a hamburger BBQ for our Easter dinner. It was a very nice day to spend with family and think of our Savior.

The kids found several fuzzy caterpillars along the trail side. They couldn't keep their hands off of them, And they loved them to death (literally) the poor little things were tortured.Posted by Picasa

Mazzi didn't make it the whole hike- but it looks like she was plenty comfy.