Sunday, May 24, 2009


Ashton says things like this everyday....

Mom, I love you more than sausage.

Mazzi, You're cuter than a bucket of fries.

Just a few for you to get an idea of what a silly boy he is!

Sweet girl

I just can't describe how much I love this little girl. I love seeing her smile, feeling her little hands pull at my face, hair and earrings. I love her slobbery kisses and how her eyes light up when she looks at me or any of her family. Mazzi makes my life happier and this world brighter.
Just minutes ago (literally)I was contemplating becoming a part-time personal trainer in a month or two. Then I started looking at these pictures of my baby girl and knew I couldn't leave her. Even if it were only a few days a week for five hours at a time. Just the thought of leaving my little baby that long makes me sad. So, perhaps I can put off working a little longer. Time with babies is just too priceless, and goes by too quickly. I don't want to miss any of her little smiles if I don't have to.
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Our girls

We love our girls. We also love our Ashton, but he did not want to participate in the pictures, so we focused on our girlies.
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I love seeing Tera in her church clothes. She loves getting dressed up in her twirly dresses. She picked this dress out at the store a few weeks ago. I also love her hair in little ringlets- she is getting so big!
I also love seeing these two girls together. What good friends they are going to be! They both have such sweet, kind, peaceful personalities. I am hoping they stay this way (even through the teenage years) And look at Mazzis thighs! I just want to squeeze them. She is such a good, happy baby. I wouldn't mind having five more babies just like her! Just kidding Matt! But maybe two? :)

And Ashton with his Mazzi. He sure loves his sister! Infact, he tells me often that he wants to marry her. Heres our conversation. I have to remember this one.

Ashton: I love Mazzi so much I want to marry her.
Tera: Me too

Ashton: You can't marry Mazzi, she's a girl.

Mom: Who can she marry?

Ashton: She can marry daddy. But she has to marry a boy because boys have the priesthood.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Preschool graduation

I am so proud! Who would have ever imagined my son could graduate preschool? Who would have thought a teacher would have had enough patience to not kick him out? Thanks Melissa. I know he enjoyed going to preschool. He loves pointing out letters everywhere and telling me what sounds they make.

The preschool graduation party at Pump it Up. The kids had a blast.

Ashton and Miss Melissa
Little seeds preschool class

My favorite part- when Miss Melissa messes up on the month macarana- I am posting this to get back at her for posting the new years picture of me. (Yes I hold grudges) Just joking Melissa- I thought it was adorable!Posted by Picasa

Our new pet

Posted by PicasaSince we are not getting a pet cat or dog anytime soon Ashton likes to pretend that Tera is a doggy. Tera also enjoys it. Here he tied her up to the curtain tie-backs with a rope and got her a water dish to drink out of. Kids are quite creative.

Common sight

I have to document this to remember theses explosive days with little Mazz. At least once a day Mazzi manages to explode out of her diaper.

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