Sunday, April 27, 2008

The heat is here...

Camden, Brock, Cade, Ashton-
Kim, me, Shelley, Amy, Melissa, Nicki, Katie, Carly, Suzie, Heather...
Its going to be a hot summer when you already going to the pool in April! We have had a lot of fun at Heathers community pool. It has the perfect toddler pool and the ladies are just able to relax around the edge- (well, as relaxing as it can be with 20 toddlers!)

All in a Saturday....

A few weeks ago we were able to go snowboarding for the first time in several years with the Youngs. We only boarded for a few hours- but the weather was beautiful and we had a blast! It took a run to get used to it again and then by the last run I was falling down so much that my triceps were sore the next day from pushing me back up off my butt. Good times!

Mormons Rock!! (Or Mormon rocks??) We just had to get a picture taken here- how funny!

On the drive home I thought that we should all go running up one of the hills surrounding Lake Elsinore- no one else would go with me, but I said that I thought I could reach the top in ten minutes. They didn't believe me. So, they stopped and I started running. I reached the top in 8 minutes 45 seconds. And was so proud of myself! I was out of breath and about to pass out by the time I made it back to the car. And on the way home my seasonal allergies really started going crazy, to the point that it was hard to breathe. I see why when I look at all those nasty weeds I was running through. I felt it was a major accomplishment in my life- right up there with graduating college!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun with the duck and chicks

Heather took these pictures of the kids with the ducks and chicks- can you tell that they enjoyed it a little bit? It was so fun watching them. They loved it! I loved it also, until I picked up the poop off the carpet not knowing what it was!! Heather has some cute ideas- you can view more at
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Ashton at his best

This picture, also taken by Heather, captures Ashton at his finest. I belive at this point he was saying he was hot and sweaty. Heather bribed him with candy and he did good for a few more moments.
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Completely Tera

Heather took some cute pictures of the kids in the flowers in their Easter clothes. This was my favorite one of Tera- completey her.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More from the trip

We made so many fun stops on our trip-
1) St. George- Norths
2) South Jordan- Burts
3) SLC- Yorks
4) Farmington- Michelle
5) Clinton- Candalerias
6) Idaho Falls- Eatons
7) Rexburg- Trevor and Sierra
8) Pocatello- Pattersons

25 hours in the car
2053 miles
1 speeding ticket
$129.17 souvenirs
$401.91 gas
$7.00 car washes
$97.44 Fast food & CAFE RIO- yum!
Memories- Priceless!!

Some hightlights pictured - visiting Emily Patterson and new baby, my sister and I being silly (we were trying to see when we looked most alike), visiting the Norths (Ashton and Landon were best buds minutes after being reunited) Visiting my cousins Michelle and Lindy, My best friend Ashely (Caden and Ashton also hit it off)
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Tera the hair stylist

Tera decided that she liked doing her own hair. The last two days after her bath, she proceeds to put several clips in it. She then walks around showing off her new hair style and when you ask if she did her hair herself she gets a very proud smile on her face and says "Yes, my did it!" Do you think we should allow her to continue to do her hair herself?
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Moments like this, I wish I had a really fancy camera. I have tried to capture Ashton's adorable freckles, but don't think my camera is nice enough. But maybe you can see where they are on his nose and cheeks. They are one of my favorite things about Ashton. I will often tell Ashton how much I love his freckles. One night when I was tucking him in I said "Ashton do you why I love you?" and he said, "Yes, because of my freckles."
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Dance

I love when my children are so happy that they feel the need to break out the happy dance. (That is what Tera is saying the whole time "happy dance." I remember those moments in life where my sister and I, or mom and I would do the dance of joy- good times!


We have a little garden. I am happy to say that the peas, squash and tomatoes look promising. However, the strawberries are not looking so hot- we shall see.

Ashtons Art

No, I have not lost my mind and gone totally random. I just had to post these pictures that Ashton took because I think they are hilarious- and some quite artistic. I especially like his self portrait, the brick wall, and the bat. He loves to take over my camera and it is always an interesting surprise to turn it on and see the latest pictures he has captured.

Stripe Sensation

I don't know why I am obsessed with stripes- but it has been brought to my attention many times recently- so I know there is definitely an issue going on with stripes and me. Maybe it means something- a psychiatrist could probably tell me that it was rooted in my childhood- or all those years of not wearing stripes because I was told it would make me look wide- but now I love them and so I looked up the "law" about horizontal stripes. Here is a picture of my many striped shirts- There are 17 there- can anyone beat that? If so, we both need help! I think I need a style change- maybe polka dots??

P.S Amy Gray- I loved your red and white striped shirt at Camdens party- where did you get it? Or do I want to know??

Faux Pas now No Flaw – Horizontal Stripes
Sometimes the most major don’ts end up being major fashion Do’s. Horizontal stripes are now in…What? In style reports that according to designer Kyutae Kim, “Wearing Variegated stripes can actually highlight your favorite features.” In the article The New Skinny on Horizontal Stripes: “Robert Verdi, a stylist and "Fashion Police"says stripes can be more flattering now because many fabrics are made with Lycra, which makes the stripes skim the body. Still, he says women whose bra size is larger than a C-cup, or who have more than an eight-inch difference between their waist and hip measurements should avoid horizontal stripes.” So, if you’re comfortable in vertical stripes and especially comfortable with your curves I guess by all means give the look a try, it’s no longer a Faux Paw, for now…

Why we love swimming suits

The other day when Ashton was getting ready to go to a water birthday party he got his swimsuit and smiled as he stripped off his clothes. I asked him why he was smiling. He replied, "Because I don't need to wear underwear." I agree!

Get naked and paint!

The kids had so much fun with paint. And, (can you start a sentence with and?) while they had a blast painting their hands to do hand prints, I would not recommend this. Now every time we get the paints out, they immediately start painting their hands. We decided it is always good to do art partially nude.

Terrible Tera

Okay- so that is a pretty mean title- but I just had a back flash of us calling my sister "Terrible Tera" when we wanted to make her mad. Of course, she was older and would come back with harsher comebacks. I think the meanest being "No one will come to your funeral except for a mule." I think she thought that rhymed at the time. I guess it sort of does. Kids can be mean!! Okay- so on a completely different note- this is little Tera at her best.

Tera loves to apply diaper rash ointment on her herself. She takes off her diaper and proceeds to apply it all over her bum and legs. This day, after finishing her toosh, apparently she decided that she should also apply it to her cheeks. I tried to be stern with her, but ended up laughing and getting the camera- at which point she started laughing too. When will she be potty trained? I am losing all hope!!

Self Sufficent

Matt and I agree that Ashton could survive several days or even weeks without us in the house- so long as the pantry was amply stocked. He gets whatever he needs whenever he feels he needs it. He is a pro at starting his own movies and can even make his own chicken nuggets, lemonade, chocolate milk and quesadillas. He knows where everything is in the house (even things we try to secretly stash- like candy and chips, etc.) and can get to everything if he needs to. He knows the heights of all the chairs and stools and which ones to use in particular situations if there is something that he is not supposed to get, but he feels he needs to reach. We are glad he is so self sufficient- usually.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


It was so nice spending time with Trevor and Sierra when I was in Rexburg. Siblings make the best of friends!

Sierra is...
Always up for fun
Loves to laugh

Love his sense of humor
Great with kids
Loves to play
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Trevor attempted to "wakeskate?" at the skate park. He quickly learned that you should not attempt this, but should just enjoy going down hills and such. Crazy to believe that my very mature brother will be married in a month and a half! Love you Trevor- hope Sandra enjoys watching this!

Old Stomping Grounds...

A few Rexburg highlights- the kids loved playing in the snow- seeing my brother and sister and their old friends. I enjoyed going to the Rexburg temple with my sister and brother-in law and playing racquetball. (Though I discovered I am pretty horrible)

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When we lived in Rexburg I would always take Ashton to feed the horses and cows that lived by us. It was a highlight then and was when we took our trip. We went to see them twice and the kids kept asking to go back. They had a donkey there and that new animal confused Ashton because he would then ask to go back and feed the "bulls and camels." He also said "Maybe when I grow up I can be a partner." (I guess he thinks that's what all cowboys are called.)

If you have not read David goes to school, I reccomend it. This book reminded me of why we are waiting another year to put Ashton in Kindergarden.

True Californians

The other day while waiting in traffic Ashton got mad that we had to wait behind other cars. He told me to "just go." I told him we couldn't or we would hit the other cars. He said, "Just honk at them- honk loudly." I explained that we just had to wait when we were behind other cars. He groaned and said "I hate traffic."

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Matts parents came to visit us for the week. We had a wondeful time with them. We went to the beach, to sea world, and enjoyed being together. We wish they lived closer!