Monday, May 19, 2008

Ashtons Art

Ashton drew me this picture of me and him for Mothers day. Ashton is on the left holding two swords and I am on the right cooking, holding two pans. I think it is the most precious thing ever.

Bug Hunters

The kids spend many hours in the backyard-I think it is a great place for them!
One of their favorite activities is bug hunting... this particular day they caught several pincher bugs... they love to come inside and show me their latest catch and are constantly running in to get more cups to catch bugs in.

Handy in the Kitchen?

I asked Matt to make me a Texas sheet cake for mothers day. (My favorite) I sat in the office scrap booking while he started. After a few minutes after he began baking, I could tell it was going to be a humorous event. Matt does bake once in a while, and because he is a definite perfectionist, it takes a long time- but his creations usually turn out wonderfully. I decided to dialogue Matt as he made the brownies- it was a classic example of a male in the kitchen- and makes me wonder- would it have been easier to do it myself? Probably, but where is the fun in that?

Dialogue between Matt and I:
M: Does this really have 2 c.of sugar in it?
K: Yes
M: That is a lot of sugar.
K: Yea, that’s why it tastes so good.
M: We're out of eggs, can I use applesauce instead?
K: No, I think that is in place of oil. I will go borrow an egg.
M: Is a big "T" a tablespoon or teaspoon?
K: A tablespoon- because it is bigger-(hence the capitalization)
M: Does it look done?
K: I don't know- you check
M: No, can't you check it?
(Now on the frosting)
M: We're out of powdered sugar.
K: No, were not, we should have a whole bag.
M: Can you come find it? Oh, never mind there it is
M: What does 2-3 c. powdered sugar mean?
K: (no response)
M: Is this too thick? Should I add more milk?
K:(No response)
M: They should make timers louder. I didn't even hear that go off, did you?
(After the cake is well done)
K: laughing
M: Are you writing this down?
K: Yes, I am going to blog about it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Image tag. Do a Google image search, and pick a picture for each phrase. I tag Sierra, Alyse, Danyelle and Michelle

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tera Feeding Davis

After Davis finished his brownie Tera took it from him and began to eat it. Instead of giving it back to him when he wanted more, Tera proceeded to feed it to him. It was very entertaining!

Monday, May 5, 2008

When Bulk is Bad

Ashton often climbs up on the panty shelves to grab snacks for himself. Today, when doing so, he knocked over the Costco sized syrup. I decided to calmly take pictures and laugh about it- so I wouldn't end up screaming or crying. (A bad alternative) Needless to say, after an hour of scrubbing, using 13 rags, followed by 45 minutes of mopping, 15 minutes of reorganizing the closet…two baths, and a load of laundry later, we are pretty much back to normal. (Besides an occasional sticky spot) And to think I was picturing a relaxing afternoon at home followed by a quick trip to Costco- (adding syrup to the Costco list now) but that quickly turned into an all afternoon syrup fiasco- and the day is now nearly over. Matt is out of town, yet again and I received a last minute call to sub an aerobics class this evening, so yet another day goes by without milk in the Thompson home. All because of a big jug of syrup and a little boy named Ashton.

These pictures don't do the mess justice-so try to imagine the fun of cleaning this up with two kids walking through the kitchen and tracking it everywhere. Then picture Tera smearing it around on the floor trying to help clean and Ashton sticking his finger in it, licking it off and saying "Yumm... tasty."
I thought of all the possible titles that could fit for this blog in the several hours I was cleaning up the mess. Did I choose the best or are one of these better??

A sticky Situation
Did it have to be syrup?
Why our house smells of maple…
It had to be a full bottle!
Potential ant problem coming??

Shake your bum bum

The other day I was dancing around when Tera said, "yea, mom shake your bum bum." Apparently I say this all the time without realizing it. But, I was able to capture them shaking their bums on video- I think Ashton has some skills!

Bathroom talk...

I was sitting in the office when I start to smell an all too familiar stench. I got up from my chair preparing to change yet another dirty, although cute 2 ½ year old bum. I walk by the bathroom and to my horror see a little bit of poop (would it be less gross if I called it feces?) smeared on the toilet. I then walk into the living room to find Tera with her shirt off, a little swimmer diaper on with her pants half way on backwards. (She likes the swimmer diapers more than pull ups because they have Ariel as a mermaid instead of a s a princess.) Apparently Tera decided that she was big enough to go to the bathroom in the toilet and dress herself. (Without wiping of course.) Still smelling the stench, I retrace my toddler's steps. I immediately see a trail of nastiness (on my freshly shampooed carpet). After scrubbing away that mess, I still smell something foul. So, I scour the bathroom- still a smell lingers. I follow the smell to the garbage can. Where, it appears Tera decided to put her pull-up that she had gone number 2 in (I am realizing while writing this, how many different words there are for poop). So, halfway through doing her business she decided to get up on the toilet and finish. (Thus the mess.) I changed her and talked to her about how excited I was that she had decided she wanted to go to the bathroom in the toilet- but that next time to please tell mommy so that she could help. We will see.