Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good sister

I love these pictures of Tera feeding Mazzi her peas. She is a good big sister.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Have I forgot you?

I redid my blog list to see the blogs that have been updated, and in the process I think I got rid of some your blogs- oops! If yours is missing please leave a comment with the link to your blog so I can add you- otherwise I might forget you exist.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seven months

My baby is seven months old and chunkier and cuter than ever. She is starting to army crawl around to reach things she wants, my i-pod and camera cord being her favorite.
Some things I love about my little girl: Her whispy-mohawk hair. Her heavy breathing when she gets excited. Her bright eyes. Her chunky, squeezable thighs and buns. Slobbery baby kisses. Her sweet snuggles. Her "I love you so much I want to rip your hair out grabs," her contagious smiles, her sweet baby babbling . She is still the best baby ever. Love you Mazz.


Mazzi is a very laid back little girl, but when she wants something she gets this look in her eyes and goes for it. It is so cute to see her focus and get so determined.

You got it baby girl.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In our house, but not ours.

We had a dog who decided he wanted to be our dog and lived on our porch for a few days. I felt bad for the poor thing living out there in the 100+ degree weather. So, I decided to give him a bowl of water and some lunch meat. Matt said this was a dumb idea because the dog would think it was his house. I have always liked the idea of having a pet- but always envisioned a somewhat cute looking pet and this was definitely one of the ugliest dogs I have ever seen. Poor thing. He was part chihuahua and part some other ugly dog , was partly shaven and had cataracts all over his eyes and looked like his eyes were red. Scary! So I knew this could not become my pet. I would be too embarrassed to even allow people to think it was ours. But, it remained there because I didn't want to call the animal control people. But then I heard barking outside my door and opened it to see a bigger dog about to attack the poor ugly little fella. So, I chased the big dog away up the street shouting random things. When I returned the dog had entered my house (I had left the door open) and had ran upstairs and hid under Tera's bed. The poor little thing was terrified and I sure wanted that nasty little dog out of my house. Her whole room was filled with the smell of dirty dog. I couldn't’t get the dog to come out and wasn't going to reach under there and grab the potentially Rabi ridden dog, so called animal control and they suggested leaving the door open and seeing if the dog came out. Really helpful right? So, since Matt wouldn't be home for hours and I pictured fleas jumping all over my carpet, I called our friend Clint (he's always so good to help whenever I have a random task) and he came to the rescue. He flipped the bed over and got the dog out. He was so good and gentle and patient with the poor dog. Then he took him out and put her in his truck. She immediately warmed up and was so happy. So Clint drove her away from our house and dropped her off in a field. I wish I was kidding but that really is what he did. I said the dog could stay in our yard and I could wait for animal control but he thought he would just run in my house again. So, I hope somewhere out there this ugly, pathetic little dog is happy and will forgive us for booting him out. I still feel bad inside about the situation. But, I really couldn't' t keep this dog. Teras room smelled dirty for two days after the dogs invasion- even after a very intense vacuum session and febreeze. The dog was that nasty. Good luck dog.

PS- After typing this up I found the little dog back on our front porch. Who knows what my next move will be. Any one want a slightly hideous dog?

Purple Cobras- Mud Run

Last Saturday, Matt and I, along with the Hackers (aka the Purple Cobra's for those Dodge ball fans out there) teamed up to kick some major butt in the OC Mud run. We had high hopes of finishing first in the team race- okay not first- but high hopes of getting a decent time. I mean look at us- we are in elite shape right? I mean we even warm up and stretch together, kind of.
Our high hopes were quickly squashed when the race suddenly began and we found ourselves towards the end waiting in a really long line to go over the first of many obstacles- hurdles (seriously defeating the purpose of a race). This turned out to be a theme for the race: run, wait to go over an obstacle and then run again. And yes, we could have passed by the obstacles but then we should have just done a regular 5K. Then after about a mile Megan began to complain really annoyingly (j/k) about the duct tape holding her shoes on hurting her. I was uncomfortable too with gravel and mud in my shoes but I wasn't acting like a "twelve year old girl" about it. But when Rob and Matt tore off her shoes and there was blood all over her foot I realized I had been a witch and she had every right to be complaining.
So, accepting the fact that we would definitely not be getting a good time in this race- we both took our shoes off and ran the next two miles barefoot. We thought this would feel better, but I don't know if it did. There were several times that I stepped on sharp rocks, poky stickers and rough pavement that I wanted my shoes back. Matt and Rob even gave us piggy back rides through the extra rocky spots and the areas where I spied glass.
Needless to say, we did finish, just with a horrible time. But, it's not all about winning (or so I keep reminding myself) We had a lot of fun crawling through the mud, jumping over tires and hurdling over each other on the inner tubes through the stinky stream, (My favorite part) waiting in line for a long time to take a shower and eating at a really good Mexican Restaurant while licking some guys shadow on the wall (I reverted back to my high school self)
(Meagan's hair was a little gross after she took out the piggy tails!
The back of Me and Matt shirts said:Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, Nobody!
And the Hacker's shirts said:Cram it up your cramhole…

And the best part was the snake coming up the back of the guys' purple soccer socks. So hot!
I got the feeling back in my feet about 36 hours after the race occurred and the back of my feet stopped hurting two days later. Poor Megan got it a lot worse than me. She was a trooper and I feel bad that I thought she was being a pansy- poor girl. All I know is next year we are going to kick every one's trash by skipping all the obstacles and wearing shoes with long socks and NO duct tape. Can you tell I am a bit competitive?
The happy team getting all snugly together. I didn't realize Meagan and Matt's cheeks were actually touching until Meagan pointed it out- that is a little awkward :)

Next year - we will be back with even snazzier outfits. I have begun brainstorming already (not really- okay maybe a little) Have you noticed I like parenthesis? (a lot)
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

My dear husband...

I decided if Matt continues to fall asleep on the couch minutes after I ask him to do something- I will take a picture of him and blog about it. Doesn't that sound fair? So this may be the first of many blogs to come of my sleeping husband. Isn't he adorable? If you could only hear him loudly breathing to go along with it. Maybe next time I will post a video, but the one I got was too dark. This particular day I don't remember what I asked him to do... take out the trash or maybe unload the dishwasher, but the point is, it didn't happen because this is where he ended up. His new job is really wearing him out and me also because I have to take the garbage out a lot these days as he is usually working late. In fact, a few months ago I even mowed the lawn the first time in our marriage but it was a bad idea because now that he knows I can do it I have done it a few times. He really is working hard though and I have to say we are grateful that things have been picking up at his work and he has been selling more car insurance these days. Go Matt! I love you sweetie... Just stay awake until the garbages are taken out and you will be free from these embarrassing posts.
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Oh, what do you do in the summertime?

We swim because it is ridiculously hot! I love to hang out at the pool and so do the kids. We don't have a pool in our community so we go along with whoever is going to a pool that day.

These are a little older but the kids were being so brave jumping off this wall with MY FRIEND Emily. :)

At the pool Mazzi discovered McKynlee tastes good after she eats strawberries. It was pretty cute seeing them kiss.

Fourth of July

We're a little late on the fourth of July post, but we had a great family day. We started the day with doughnuts at the park- in my book, doughnuts are the perfect way to start any day.
At the park, Ashton discovered he could do monkey bars by himself for the first time. (He has blisters to prove this) I also discovered I can do the monkey bars though they are very painful.

Then we went to Toms Farms and Ashton participated in the magic show. It is free every Sat. at 12:00 and 2:00 for those of you living in the area.

Then we hung out on the grass, listened to music and danced.

At night we watched the fireworks with friends. It was a great day.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The best weekend ever...

Okay, so the best ever might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was definitely one of the top five. We had so much fun on our rafting trip with friends and since we've been home I keep thinking about how nice it was to just hang out at the river and do some fun, intense rafting! Vanessa and Josh- you are "the bomb" for making that happen. Don't you think it should be a tradition?? Please say yes!

Do I look a bit nervous? I am! Rafting trip #2- Gunnel's, Meagan, Kyra, Grays and THE GUIDE (aka- Josh)

We had an adventurous trip down the river. On the fourth big rapid, we lost Josh, our guide, who is also our friend. I apparently only considered him our guide at this point though because apparently when he fell, or rather plummeted over the top of the raft out I started yelling "our guide our guide!" I guess I was in panic mode. And for a good reason- we were fast approaching huge rocks in the water as our "guide" was stuck under the boat and then being squashed between our boat and a big rock. However he was still shouting instructions from the water- when the wind wasn't being knocked out of him (So cool Josh) But, we didn't listen to the instructions very well and ended up on top of a gargantucous rock. I held on for dear life and watched helplessly as Meagan and Rich fell out. They were eventually pulled out and we made it the rest of the way without any other mishaps. Good thing, because the adrenaline was running thick for all of us. In fact, it was running so thick that I didn't register that I had been hit in the head with a paddle during the commotion and had a big bump on my head. The bump went down after a few hours, but I have had a headache since. So worth it though. We really did have a blast! I wish I had pictures of us jumping off the rocks and Dave rope swinging- but those images will have to live on in my head.

We were able to leave Ash and Tera with friends (Thanks Kati and Bekah) and just take Maz along for our little adventure. No, Mazzi did not go down in the raft. People keep asking me that. Matt and I took turns rafting down the river. Mazzi was able to hang out with her friend Mitch. She was loving his company! I know this is lame, but Matt and I have only been away from Tera and Ashton 3 or 4 nights ever. The night I had Mazzi, when my sister Sierra got married, and when Matt and I went to Catalina Island. We need to get out more! It is hard to go anywhere overnight when you don't have family nearby. But it was so nice just having Mazzi. Very relaxing. I think Mazzi was loving the time alone with her parents also.

White trash river baby- I can't believe she got in. This water was pretty cold.

Meagan helping out with Miss MazzAfter our rafting trip we went and hung out at the river and floated down in our vests. It was fun and entertaining as we tried to dodge the rocks and screamed (was that just me) because it was freezing and we kept hitting our bums on the rocks. I think Katie got it the worst.

So, I don't like this picture of me but think it is so funny because it reminds me of the pictures of the astronauts about to get on the space shuttle or something.

Watching the boys float down the river- Katie, me, Mazzi, Meagan and Mitch

The guys getting ready Matt, Rich, Rob and Dave

We didn't know if Rob was going to fit in his vest- but with teamwork- anything can be accomplished.

We played boggle while waiting for raft number one- Meagan, Marcie, Heather, Dave, Katie, Vanessa, Amy and Rich. Amy kicked all our butts- but if slang words were allowed Vanessa and Heather would have won fo' shu (for sure- I don't spell ebonics that is probaby wrong) Hilarious!

And chilling at the park with our malts. I thought malts were always better than shakes, but some flavors just taste weird as malts- like my cookies and cream one (aka as Oreo for Rob)

Amy, Katie, me and Megan