Sunday, June 29, 2008

A More Positive Post

Some cute things the kids have said to make me smile-

Ashton wanted to wear two different shoes to the gym- I said that was fine with me if that’s what he really what he wanted to wear. He thought about if for a second and then said "If I wear those shoes the kids might tease me and then I will erupt." I asked him what erupt meant. He said "Its when the police have to take you away." Then he started laughing and said "I'm just kiddin, erupt is what volcanoes do."

I asked Tera to clean up, to which she said- "I can't clean up, I too little."
If Tera doesn't want to walk "Hold me- I'm too little."

Ashton woke up in the morning and gave Tera a hug. "Tera I had a dream that you were a princess. Then I peed the bed." (Have I mentioned I hate changing sheets on a bunk bed against the wall- I bang my head several times in the process)

The joys of pregnancy

So, about a week ago I began to feel a little better in the mornings. The throwing up has become less consistent, I got ready for church this week, and even had enough energy to dust a ceiling fan in my room. (I know, watch out) However, as soon as the nausea became less consistent, the veins in my legs began to throb. Can you believe it? I am barley three months along and already the vicious varicose veins (very-gross veins as I called them as a kid) are hurting. I am an upset woman! Why is pregnancy so dang annoying? I want a big family, but wish there was another way. I don't know how many more times my body can handle this craziness!! Just wanted to post some joys of pregnancy. I am sure most of you can relate-

* Bed time is 9:30 pm sharp
*Nightstand drawer is full of Nutri-Grain bars so I can easily grab them in the am
* Every smell makes me gag
* Cravings- Wetzel Pretzels, In N Out and Pink Berry
* Out of breathe and hot (already)
* Hair and make up rarely done
* Bowl next to my bed, just in case I can't make it all the way to the toilet to throw up.
*No sweet tooth (very odd for me)
* Heartburn
* Veins throbbing
* I don't feel like scrapbooking (vary rare)
* I only vacuum twice a week instead of daily
* Matt smells funny to me (poor guy)

Sorry I have no picture to post, it would probably be of me sitting here feeling bad for myself, even though I do feel so blessed. Sometimes I just have to complain!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

San Clemente Camping

We were able to go camping in San Clemente, Fathers Day weekend with a few family friends. The campsite was close to the beach so we got to enjoy the beach each day.

Ashton got a new shark kite for the trip- he was very excited about it. I loved watching the kids fly the kite with their daddy.

My favorite picture from the trip

The kids loved being buried in the sand. Tera especially loved being a mermaid (as that is her recent obsession) She refused to get up from her positoin- afriad taht she would turn back into a human I suppose?

"I not Tera, I a mermaid."

Our family at the beach-
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Offical Annoucmenet

I decided we better officially announce my pregnancy for three reasons-

1)we told the kiddos that we are pregnant and Ashton was running down the church hallways (reverently I might add) loudly telling his buddies that his mom was going to have a baby. Several women came up to me and congratulated me after that.

2) I am already getting big and not fitting most of my clothes (comfortably anyway)

3)I am lame when I am pregnant and a lot of people are problem wondering what is her problem? While I usually enjoy a lot of activities and hustle- these days I am usually found on my couch or wishing I was laying on my couch.

We went in for our ultra sound and it was the cutest thing ever. The baby at 10 weeks had little arms and legs and was wiggling all around- I didn't expect to see such a developed little one- which made it extra special!Tomorrow I will be 12 weeks along- so am hoping I magically become better at the 12 week point like so many people claim happens. If anyone is offended by me not personally calling to tell them, I am sorry- let's just say I barely have the energy to make my kids frozen corn dogs- let alone call everyone to tell them the happy news. I am due December 30th, so we will be home for the holidays it appears!

Swim Lessons

Ashton just started taking swim lessons from Emily, a friend in the ward. He was terrified of the water his first day- but these pictures and videos are taken at his second swim lesson. He loves it and has so much fun learning! He gets excited to show us his new "tricks." Infact, I would say she is getting a little over confident. He has begun to jump in the pool by himself. Last time we were swimming I had to jump in after him and remind him that he doesn't know how to swim well enough to just jump in without telling mom. He is really getting the hang of it though- Thanks Emily!

This wasn't Ashtons best swimming attempt - but the other video wouldn't upload-

Monday, June 9, 2008 Picnic

I went with some friends on a picnic lunch at Dos Lagos for my 25th Shelley, Kim, Melissa, and Niki. The picnic was followed by pink berry frozen yougart- very tasty. Thanks buddies for a nice afternoon! Ashton once agagin is the skilled photographer-
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How lovely is the silence of growing things.

It was such a nice surprise to go out one morning and see all my flowers blooming and see the pea pods and zucchini in our garden- there is something about planting things and seeing them thrive that is magical- especially when you have no clue what you are doing (like me)

Pea pod picnic-


Matts dream of owning a dirt bike has finally come true. He is so happy about his KTM motorcycle and I am happy that he has a new hobby. He has went on a few rides with friends- Ashton and Daddy on the bikes first run....
Clint and Matt...

And the bike and Matt lived happily ever after-

How do you know?

Tera loves to sing the "How do you know" song off Enchanted. Unfortunately, she only knows those words- so it gets a little repetitious... she usually sings this while twirling and or running with her arms spread out wide- but this is the best video I could get-

Redding Fun...

Redding Highlights

Ashton and Tera (especialy Ashton) loves going to the fun center that my parents own. We played several games of mini golf whiel we were there. Ashton even got a hole in one! We also wen ton the go-carts, played lazer tag and video games and drank a lot of smoothies.... and all for free. The kids love the little kiddie cars-

I love how outdoorsy Redding is. Both Matt and I's parents live on several acres of property and the kids just love to roam around. This is Ashton at my parents just whacking away some weeds.
We went on a walk to feed horses by my parents each day and my mom woudl bring along a bag of carrots. They loved this. Tera would grab the bag of carrots and sit down in the stroller and wait to go.
As you can tell- Tera loved it!
Running through the sprinklers with Grandpa Wilson-
Playing badmitton- my family gets quite competitive- I thought I was pretty good- but turns out I am not compared to my family-


One of my favorite things about having kids is sharing them with the grandparents and watching them intearct. Ashton and Tera love spending time in Redding with the grandparets- and I enjoy sleeping in and letting in while the grandparents watch them!
Grandma Thompson and Tera
Grandpa Thompson, Tera and their dog Lucy
Papa Smith and Tera- she loved the motorcycle ride- until she got a black eye from slamming her head onto the front of the bike (thanks grandpa)
Tera snuggling with Nana- Ashton in the back playing swords with Trevor
Tera and Nana doing sidewalk chalk- Tera was entertained wiht this for hours!

These pictures don't capture how funny this moment was- but Nana traced Ashtons outline. Then we asked if he wanted to trace hers. He said he couldn't "because she was too big." He didn't think she would fit anywhere on the concrete. Afterwards we saw why he thought she was so big. Instead of tracing her outline he just did a big blog from where her arms went out ot where her legs went out. When she stood up we asked him if it looked like Nana. He said it did and then drew two eyeballs on the blob. We laughed for several minutes after this and loved showing Grandpa how Nana looked traced.

Hit it!

Matt and I grew up in Redding, only a few minutes away from beautiful Lake Shasta. Whenever we visit our parents during the summer we go out on the boat. It is one of the things we look forward to the most. It is so relaxing to be on the boat and so nice watching people do their tricks. This time I just watched while everyone else went- the water was a little too cold for me!

Tera went knee boarding with her daddy for the first time. She loved it and kept asking to go again. Ashton was about ready to try it out- until he heard the boat turn on- that scared him!
Tera and mommy
Tera falling asleep on Uncle Trevor- she loves to snuggle him
Nana and Ashton- isn't it beautiful there??

Matt on the air chair- this is hilarious to watch! I should have got video of it. Every time I go I immediately face plant! Ouch...

Sandra, Trevors fiance, wake boarding- she did great job. This was my first time meeting Sandra and I really liked her. She is easy going and is always up to have fun- doing active things- so she will fit into the family well- I know you can;t see her very well in this picture- but she is adorable.

Monday, June 2, 2008

My favorite face...

I love Teras precious smile- and love it when she tilts her head to the side- she is so easy to love. I adore her easy going personality. She can almost always be found with a smile on her face.

Ice cream for lunch?

I made the kids Marconi and cheese for lunch and then went upstairs to get some laundry and cleaning done. I heard a lot of laughing downstairs and thought it was wonderful that eating macaroni and cheese was that amusing. However, when I came downstairs I realized why they were laughing so wildly. Ashton had decided to serve them both up big bowls of ice cream (forget the macaroni and cheese) and they were smearing it all over their faces and eating it as creatively as they could. I was annoyed that Ashton had helped himself to ice cream and that they were making a mess out of themselves- but I must admit that I was also very amused- it was nothing a bath couldn't fix!

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