Wednesday, July 23, 2008


These pictures are a representation of how I am feeling these days- I went upstairs to take a nap one day while the kids watched a movie. After a while I realized it was very quiet- there is usually at least some random screaming or laughing, so I went downstairs to check and Ashton was fast asleep 1/2 standing, 1/2 lying on the couch. Tera was still awake watching the movie. Speaking of Tera, I am now realizing Tera is due a few post of her own, as the last three are all Ashton. It will be her turn next!

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Ashton the builder

Ashton has been OBSESSED with Lego's and building things these days. He likes Lincoln logs and train tracks as well. I love it!! He keeps entertained for so long and then loves to show me his completed projects. He is getting quite talented- I told Matt that I think he will be an engineer- but we will see. The otter day I asked him where he learned to build so good. He said "from Bob the Builder." Of course, I should have known.
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I wanna be like you...

Ashton enjoyed watching Jungle Book for a few days and would always be singing this song. He especially likes to sing it to his Nana on the phone and to me and Tera as we are driving in the car. It never fails to make me laugh. He gets very into character- he really tries to imitate voices and even bounces his head around. He is a silly boy!

Gald it's not me!

Lately, I am not the type of mom that wants to be dog-piled or a mom who enjoys wrestling. My stomach at this time seems extra sensitive to any little kids jumping on it- so the kids wait for their daddy to be off work so that they can rough house with him. This day they definitely were defeating him. I was laughing so hard watching them attack him because I was so happy that it was his head being sat on instead of mine. Thank goodness for Dads!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My jewels

“How much more beautiful would be our world and our society if every mother regarded her children as the jewels of her life, as the gifts from the God of Heaven” President Hinckley

I know that I am not always the most patient mother, and that I sometimes let days slip by without playing with my kids enough- I do treasure my children and acknowledge that they are a gift from my Heavenly Father. I am grateful that He has trusted Matt and I with these special spirits. When I look into the faces of my beautiful children, I know that my Heavenly Father loves me.

Tera Lynn

Posted by PicasaCuddle bug, gum and go-gart lover, peacemaker, mermaid obsessession, sweetest kisses, silly voices, happiest in water. Loves to tickle, spills constantly, requests pancakes …entertains herself, squishy belly, perfectly plump thighs, bright eyes, full of giggles. Adores her brother, loves to be included in bug catching, fascinated with butterflies, impossible to potty train, our sensitive little girl.

Ashton Scott

A gift for negotiating and story telling. Mischievous smiles, freckly nose, love of pirates, action figures, star wars and legos. Makes friends everywhere, always a sword in hand, teasing but always protecting Tera. Leader, always pushing the limits and trying his parents patience. Sneaky boy, always finding where the popsicles, candy or chips are hidden, terrible sleeper, slobbery kisses, big bear hugs, flexing muscles, noisy, our warrior who doesn’t' want to grow up… Ashton
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Who the heck is Megara?

The quiz said I was like Megara? No clue who that is-but she must be absolutley wonderful if I am most like her right? ( I think she is off Hercules or maybe hunhback- but I have never seen those movies)

Charming and witty. You are always the first person to come up with a wisecrack. Sure, you have an attitude, but that's why people love you. You keep them on their toes. Sometimes you can be misleading, but always end up doing the right thing for the people you love.

Click link to see what Disney Princess you are most like!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let's be pessimistic...

There are so many posts about all the things I like- that I decided people should be aware of things that bug me-maybe later I will do a post about all the things I like or things that make me happy- but for now- lets be pessimistic-Sorry if any of these apply to you- don't be offended, just tell me what bugs you about me

* Flaky friends-
*Picture being put in boxes not in albums or frames
* Garages not being used for what they're made- cars
* Girls pretending to be ditsy
* Hunters
* Seeing thongs hanging out of pants
* Cheap people- not thrifty, just downright cheap
* Moody boys (moody girls are bad enough)
* People who think their kids are perfect
* Not being able to talk to an operator on the phone- ever
* People who litter or don't put their shopping carts away- lazy!

The latest cravings...

Whopper Jrs Pink Grapefruit candy
(w/o onions)

I am not a huge burger fan on a normal day, but for some reason, with this pregancy I love burgers. Lately I am enjoying Whopper Jrs. For only a dollar you get a wondefully healthy meal!! I am also really enjoying pink grapefruit candy (the gummy kind) I recently bought a bag from Toms Farms candy shoppe- soo tasty! Iknow- I am so healthy- I love when peole say "oh, you teach aerobics- you are probably really healthy! Ha!! That’s why I work out, so I don't have to eat rice cakes and veggie burgers- I love the good fatty stuff!

Kids- They're good for laughs

Sneaky Tera- Tera pretends like she's asleep whenever we get home in the car so that I will carry her inside. She will even say "I'm asleep." Then when I bring her in and say, "I better put you in bed," she says "no, put me on the couch." Then I put her down and she laughs and is wide awake. She thinks she is so clever! I remember pretending like I was asleep as a little girl so that my dad would carry me to bed. He didn't fall for it too often though.

Tera wakes up yelling "I done sleeping."

Ashton asks to go to a friends house. When I tell him we can't because I am too sick. "Its okay- just bring a bowl to throw up in." What a sensitive kid.

4th of July (100th post)

We spent fourth of july with some friends at Lake Elsinore watching the fireworks off the lake. It was nice having a BBQ, watching the kids swimming in the lake, and boating (courtesy of the Chalkers:)
Ashton and buddies swimming in the lake.Matt enjoying the pleasant company of children on the boat

Getting ready for the fireworks (Tera fell asleep before they started)
Matt trying to pull his buddy Clint off the board-

The only thing we missed during the fireworks was Lee Greenwoods "God Bless the USA" playing in the background. I grew up having that song blasted (thanks to my Dad) each fourth of july.

"I'm proud to be an American Where at least I know I'm free,And I won't forget the men who died Who gave that right to me. And I gladly stand up next to you And defend her still today,'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land. God Bless the U.S.A."

I am very grateful to live in the United States- grateful for the freedoms we enjoy and all the comforts that come from living here. I feel blessed to be able to raise my children in such a diverse nation and somewhere that they can choose what they want to do with their life. Grateful for the choices I was able to make- marriage, schooling, profession, religion, how many children I want etc. So many choices that we are able to make that we often take for granted. I am most grateful to live in a land where we can worship as we desire. This country was founded on such religious principles- I do believe that God has blessed this land. God Bless America!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More swimming fun...

After only six swim lessons Ashton is all over the pool! He can swim the whole pool by himself with some encouragement along the way. It is so fun to watch! He is a little dare devil and jumps in and goes all by himself. It is nice to feel that he knows what he is doing. Tera loves practicing swimming with me. She has perfect form when she kicks and does strokes with her arms. I just supprot her with a hand on her belly. She is getting very comfortable in the water and I wouldn't be surprised if she was swimming by herself by the end of the summer- or at least able to keep afloat. She is a natural in the water and is happiest when she is in the pool! (She must be part mermaid as she says)

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Ashton drew a picture for me, which was very nice. However, he decided to take the liberty of hanging it up by himself. He used a 1 1/2 inch screw to hold it in place on my kitchen wall. Isn't he thoughtful? We discussed how a piece of scotch tape would have been sufficient.
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Engine Spider- Good news

Ashton is quite the story teller. The other day we found two big bumps on his leg. I was concerned that they were spider bites, but he said "Mom, I am pretty sure they are scorpion bites or somethin' " I told him that a scorpion bite would kill him, so he made up an elaborate story about why he is still alive today.

It went something like this-

" After the scorpion bit me, the engine spider came by and sucked out the poison from me. Engine spiders are this big (he holds up his hands about 2 feet apart) They are blue and white. They save peoples lives."

I tried to get him to tell the story for the camera, but he was a little embarrassed (perhaps because it was all a big lie) but I caught a glimpse of it.


I decided to take Ashton in to get his hair cut. Matt usually does this because it is just a simple buzz. However, Matt was gone and I decided it would be easier to pay the 10.00 and get it done. When I was there I decided I might as well get Teras hair cut- for the first time. She got some bangs and a trim. Matt was furious when I told him over the phone. He wanted to be there for her first hair cut, I forgot to save a clip of her hair, and he HATES bangs. In fact, once I told him I wanted to get bangs and he said "only if they are down to your chin." I told him at that point, it was considered a layer. But, I did get bangs and I did hate them. So, he was right. I think I finally consoled Matt when I drove back to Great Clips to dig some of Teras hair out of the trash can. It was mixed in with some old mans dark hair, but oh well, the sentiment is there right (mixed in with the nasty hair?) I love her bangs. I think she looks adorable, but Matt refers to her as butch. (She doesn't seem to get that this is not a compliment so it is not too cruel) I am aware that this post is making Matt seem very opinionated and guess what he is! We both are.