Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Our family pictures are updated (four months later)
Thanks again Sarah- Love the pictures :)

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Why Mazzi's regular

This girl loves fiber one bars. Anytime I have one she begs for a bite... and I usually give in.
But her little body can't handle very much fiber and she seems to get a hold of them often.
Let's just say- our little Mazz stays quite regular thanks to fiber one!
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I love this series of pictures...

It started out with me and the girls going to Juice it up while Ash was at school.
He came home and saw the juice on the counter and said" Who's been sneaking around?"

Luckily I wasn't in trouble because I had saved some for him.
(Whose the parent again? Oh yea, me)

He proceeded to drink it...

until Mazzi spotted him...

then the begging began...

and Ash being the good big brother he is...
gave in to his little sis.

Look at that hair!
This is how we look around here!
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Lovely" weekend

We had a nice family/friend outing going on a hot air balloon ride Valentines Day weekend
(Thanks Traci for introducing us to this lovely free entertainment)
... the kids loved it and it ended up being worth the very long wait!

Matt and I never did an official Valentines day date, but he did surprise me with a new camera. It was the sixth happiest day of my life
1. Marrying Matt
2. Having Ashton
3. Having Tera
4. Getting Acura MDX
5. Having Mazzi
6.Getting camera

I still haven't learned to use it and am still posting pictures from the old camera until I catch up. But when do, you will notice a difference!

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Is it just me...

Or is Mazzi looking soo grown up? I looked at these pictures and thought...
that can't possibly be my baby standing there like a big girl!
She's so independent these days... and still as adorable as ever.
She is my "golden child."
These pictures were taken at Sea World. She is so laid back... she just hung out in her stroller or walked along... just happy to be outside and seeing the animals.

This was a long day... and then we hit traffic on the way home... it was one of those days when you wonder...
do I need a therapist?? We all have those right? It's not just me?

Love this little stinker bug though... she has a way of making me smile like nothing else could.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

We had a lot of fun days...

I finished Tera's last scrapbook the other day. I only scrapbook the kiddos books until their 4- then I figure I can just slip their photos in little books and send them along with their little quotes printed from this handy-dandy blog. It was so cute to see her flip through the pages and look at all the pictures of her and talk to me about the pictures. She was so interested in how many fun things she had done in her life. She kept saying "We had a lot of fun days mom!" It was very cute. So many wonderful memories with my little girl, now many represented in her scrapbooks. Someday I can picture Tera and I scrap booking together... love having girls!

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If you don't feed your children...

They will feed themselves.

I walked into the kitchen to find Mazzi chomping on this huge block of cheese the other day.
The cheese had been up on the counter and she pulled it off.
She usually doesn't like cheese... but she was sure going to town on this.
Why?I wondered? Then I realized my poor child hadn't eaten in many hours...
a long time for a little one.
Don't you feel bad for her? Doesn't she look like she is wasting away?
This girl likes her food. In fact, one of the five words she says is "nack" (snack)
So cute. Love my little cheese-ball, ragamuffin!

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There's nothing like playing dress up with your best friend...

Love these pictures of Tera and McKenzie. This is their all time favorie thing to do together. Please excuse the poor picture quality... these are taken before my wondeful camera arrived... as will the next posts until I am all caught up. :)
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100 day...

The story of 100 day (Ashton's version)
"100 day was so sad because a little girl dropped all my treats on the ground so I didn't get anything to eat. Mrs. Welch made the girl say sorry and she didn't get any golden stars. She said the girl had to share her treats with me but I didn't want them because she touched them and she has germs. Mrs. Welch felt so bad for me that she asked what my favorite candy was and I told her resses so she said she might buy me one the next day.

I felt so bad for him that I told him we could have our own 100 day at home. He said they had juice boxes, marsh mellows, pizza and treats. So I made sure we had all the ingredients and that night as a family we counted to 100, filled out a 100 chart, even exchanged presents and ate our yummies...

Tera asked to decorate the cake with a ballerina so Matt assisted her. I think it turned out adorably!

*** Now here is the good part....
The next day I asked for Mrs. Welch's version of the story and told her how upset Ashton was about it. She looked at me totally bewildered and said.

"Nothing happened. He ate his food nothing fell. Has he been telling you stories??"
Ummmm... yes he has! Ashton started snickering. Great I can't even tell when my six year old is lying to me. How am I going to tell when he's "making up stories" as a teenager?? Oh no! Come to think of it... I didn't even discipline the kid. Now he probably thinks lying is fine. I am really messing up my kids!
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I don't know myself

I just took a questionnaire about myself to confirm my identity to get access to kaiser permanent online. It has security questions and I didn't know 2 of three I was asked! Oh no (and it was even multiple choice) I had to say what adress whe'd lived at in Rexburg (granted I lived in three different places) and whihc one of five different car types we had onwed or leased (none looked familiar.) The only one I got right was when we bought our home in Elsinore. It kicked me off after getting two wrong. Wow. I need to study up on me I guess.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I just can't think of a good enough title for this.

This is what happened to Matt last Friday night when he decided to go over to his buddies at midnight to fix his dirt bike. He was only going 1/2 a mile so he just went in his shirt and shorts- no helmet, no gloves, not even a jacket or pants. When turning teh corner, his throttle stuck and off we went, skidding across the road. Ouch. Poor little Matty.

It has been a long week of ibuprofen, hydrogen peroxide, neosporn, gauze, warp, etc. He is finally to the point today where he can put on his tie and button his collar by himself. He has been in a lot of pain. I think he will be putting on gear each time he rides from now on. We feel fortunate that this is all that happened to him. Love you Matt! Sorry I'm not the most patient at dressing your wounds :) But I do find you adorable all wrapped up like a mummy and will be glad to have you back to yourself!

PS. These pictrues are taken with my NEW CAMERA! Don't you love how vibrant the nastiness is??
I will capture beautiful things later on... but for now you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!
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Moments with Mazzi

Things that amuse Mazzi..

Wrapping the vacuum cord around her (she thinks it is a necklace)
Begging for Oreo's..
Sitting on her little chair...
Playing with the spice rack while mom cooks.

What a sweet baby!
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Friday, February 12, 2010