Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pigeons Bite...

Mazzi was playing outside the other day, when she came in crying and holding her finger saying "bite." I looked at her finger and there were no teeth marks, but instead a small piece of her skin was missing, like it had been pulled off. Confused at what could have done this to my child, I went outside to look for the culprit. Mazzi came with me and pointed to a little pigeon who has sitting by the fence. The poor little bird was hurt (most likely by our hunter cat) and could no longer fly. I didn't know what to do for the bird, so I just left it there and didn't let Yoda go out anymore. Matt thinks I should have just let "nature take its course" and let Yoda kill him, but instead I let the kids "nurture him" (torture him) and prolonged his sad, meager life, for a painfully long day.

Mazzi knew not to try to touch the pigeon anymore since it bit her, but that didn't stop her from observing him very closely. She would bend down and get really close to him and say "Hi ducky- cockadoodle-doo!" It was adorable.

When Ashton got home from school he was excited to see the pigeon and decided to give it a home. He put it in a cage so Yoda wouldn't get him and gave him some bread crumbs and water. They loved this little pigeon and so badly wanted to take care of him until he was able to fly again, but unfortunately, he died overnight :( I thought the kids would be sad to hear that the pigeon had died, but Tera was happy to know that the pigeon is now in Heaven with Jesus.

Here's Ashton scolding Yoda for hurting the pigeon.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011


We enjoyed a nice hike out at the Santa Rosea plateau last weekend. It is one of my very favorite places near Lake Elsinore, I think because it reminds me of the landscaping of Redding, my hometown. We were happy to share the evening and the beauty with some of our good friends.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I believe in Prayer.

Today I was frantically searching my house for our car keys, trying to get out the door to bring Tera to school. I was clueless to where I could have put them, as I had already checked the usual places to no avail. I asked Tera to say a prayer with me that we would find the keys. I like to allow my children to have the opportunity to say prayers so they are able to see their prayers be answered. Also, for some reason, that I know is entirely untrue, I think Heavenly Father is more apt to listen to a prayer when it is coming from a cute little girl like Tera. Tera prayed that we would please find the keys. Before she had even finished her prayer I pictured Mazzi playing with the keys. "Oh yes, thats right. I saw her playing with the keys and thought... I should take them from her. but I didn't." I then retraced Mazzis steps around the house. When I didn't find them in the house another inspired thought came to me to check the backyard. Sure enough, there they lay on the back patio. I quickly showed Tera that I had found the keys to which she said, "Jesus and Heavenly Father are so nice." Yes they are.

I know prayers are answered. Little prayers, big prayers and prayers in between. Prayers that we can have peace when things around us are falling apart, prayers that we will be comforted, and even prayers that we will find our keys.
I have had many other instances of little prayers being answered.

One day I was trying to get Mazzis car seat out of the car. Matt likes to put in all the safety clips/locks o the back. Not just one, at least two or three. Then he puts them in as tight as he can so it is nearly impossible to get them out. While I admire and appreciate that he wants his little girl to be safe, it is a pain to get out. While Matt was in the CHP academy I think his concern for safety sky rocketed, so at this time the car seat was in even tighter than usual. After trying for what seemed like hours, but was probably only 5 min. I was so upset with him and was losing my temper. I tried again for another hour (5 min) and still didn't get it out. My mom came out and I was telling her how frustrated I was and that I could not get it out. She told me to pray. At first I thought, "I am not praying over something so silly." And then I repented, and thought, "It never hurts to pray and will at least get me in a better fame of mind." I said a quick prayer that I would be able to get the car seat out. After praying I tried to loosen the clips and within a minute got it out. Yet another testimony that prayer works. I called my mom to tell her that I prayed and it worked. :)

On another occasion I had spent several hours going over our budget and paying bills, getting the checks together and putting everything in envelopes with stamps and addresses on. I got distracted doing something with the kids and then went back later to get the stack of envelopes so I could mail them. I couldn't find them. I looked all over the house and spent a few hours wondering where I could have placed them. Once again, I asked Tera to say a prayer that we would find the envelopes with our bills in them. As soon as she stopped praying I felt like I should go look in the garbage (which I had already looked in) I went to the kitchen garbage, and sure enough, there was the stack of my bills.

Knowing that Heavenly Father will answer such little, seemingly insignificant prayers, makes me that more certain that he can, does and HAS answered so many more significant prayers in my life- altering prayers in my life. Sometimes not in the way that I would have hoped, but in His own, better, all-knowing way. I am grateful to know that I can pray whenever I want and wherever I am and he will hear me and answer. I am grateful for all these moments that make me feel my Heavenly Fathers love and remind me that He is aware of me and can help in all aspects of my life, if only I ask.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you

Ashtons Award

A few weeks ago Ashton's teacher called me, with news that made my day, or maybe even my month. She called to tell me how much she loved having Ashton in class. She said he was so well behaved and such a fun kid to have in class. You can tell by the smile on her face when she hugged him that she does love my child. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the person who spends such a huge part of the day with your child loves them and appreciates them. Ashton received the "Most improved" Award.

Since we moved back Ashton has gone from reading at a Kindergarten third tri-mester level to where he should be (a first grade third trimester level.) I was so relieved to hear this. He has been working hard and it is paying off. I am proud of my boy. Keep it up Ash!

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One of the many reasons we love So Cal

We love that Sea World is so close that we can go down for the day, spend a few hours and be back in time for dinner.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our family is cool....

The other day on the way to the gym Ashton was very impressed that I taught people how to exercise at the gym. He said "Mom, our family is really cool. You teach exercise, Dad is a police man, I do tae kwo do, Tera can dance good and Mazzi is learning to talk." For some reason that made my day. Yea, our family is pretty cool. And I say that in a humble way. :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I need to remember that today was a near perfect day for Ashton. He did his homework without a single complaint. I didn't have to pester him to keep doing his math or continue on after each problem. He read all the words by himself on his English homework and filled in the blanks. Then without me asking, he read his practice book. His teacher called me last week to tell me how much she loves having Ashton in her class and how well he is doing in school. When we moved back, only a month ago he was reading at third tri-mester Kindergarten level. She said he is now up to grade level, in a matter of only a few weeks. He has been working hard at home and during tutoring. He is receiving the "Most Improved" award in his class on Friday. I am so happy that he has been blessed with great teachers. Mrs. Sellers has been amazing and puts in so much of her extra time helping get him caught up. I went from being a stress case over his education only a few weeks ago, to feeling so relieved and at peace. Thank you Heavenly Father :) Back to my little man- Ashton was pleasant to be around all day, used his manners and did as he was asked. When it was bed time he took a bath, brushed his teeth and said his prayers. Wow! My boy is growing up. I couldn't' stop hugging him and kissing him tonight because I was so proud of the boy he is. And the best part is... at this age he still lets me smother him (as long as his friends aren't around) and he even likes it.