Tuesday, September 30, 2008

6 years of bliss (And good grub)

Matt and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on Sun. How time flies!! I opted against posting wedding pics cause I don't have a scanner... so just imagine how happy and young we must have looked! We went out to dinner to celebrate to a really cute/nice place right here in Good ol' Lake Elsinore. So- any of you locals you have to try it out. Its on Main street and it truly is amazing! Its called Raviolis. We had the raviolis stuffed with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes and the spaghetti carbonnara- both amazing! Okay- so this post turned out more to be about my love for food than my love for my husband- but I do love my Matty- so much :)

PS. We didn't get the dessert there- but how I wish we did- doesn't it look to die for? I feel a group date coming on if anyone is interested- or maybe we should wait till we have some source of income?? Hmmm...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Balboa Park- San Diego

We were able to go to the temple with the Nelsons-while a friend watched the kids on the temple grounds. It ended up being an interesting day at the temple (I passed out) But- we won't focus on that... we went to Balboa Park afterwards because it was under "fun free things to do at San Diego." But it turns out nothings really free except walking around, so that is what we did. We had a good time.

The kids watching a magic show

The rose garden

Tatum and Ashton- they got along really well together that day-so cute!

This pic. wasn't a good family one- but loved it of me and my little Ashy- look how happy he is!
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Crackle paint!

I have never been able to figure out the trick of using crackle paint. I think I have just bought bad brands or not done the coats of paint wrong- but I love the delta crackle paint because it actually works!! Yea!
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6 months- third tri-mester

I am just growing and growing... it is fun to be at the point where I can see my belly moving around as the baby kicks and moves. She is getting strong. Three more LONG months to go- bring on the back pain!
Matt is actually losing weight and exercising a lot, but can still stick out his stomach. I love that he gets up and runs each morning. With each of my pregnancies we have taken a picture of his belly- I don't know why we find it amusing! He is taking more tests for the CHP today- so we will see what comes of that. I feel like we are just in a waiting game as far as employment.

This is the last day I went to teach aerobics- I am so glad to be done!!! My goal was to teach through the end of August and I almost made it through September. The gym has already called and asked me to sub the classes I gave up- I need a good excuse to get out of it- because apparently being six months pregnant and tired and weak is not good enough for the punks!
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I thought this little video was a perfect representation of how different my kids personalites are- Ashton- loud and crazy- and Tera- content, mellow and quiet. Good thing we have one of each to keep us sane!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Proud Mommy Moments

Ashton was looking through the pictures in the Book of Mormon. He looked at one and said "That’s the book-a-hona" (Liahona- close enough). "And I know who that prophet is- it's Lehi.

"I came across Ashton on the stairs with his head down. I asked him what he was doing and he said "shh.." then I asked him a few minutes later what he was doing and he said "mom I was saying a prayer that dad would find a job. And I was praying for you. I think I prayed for four hours."

We went to the temple on Sat. and the kids stayed out on the grounds with Natalie Hughes. The next day at church Tera saw a picture of the San Diego temple and said "I go there. That the temple."

We were over at a friends one Sunday and they were watching tv. We try to only have the kids watch their church videos on Sunday. So Ashton asked if he could turn it off and maybe turn on "a church tape or somethin'."

Each morning Ashton comes up to our room and whispers "is it church?" He doesn't do this because of his love for church, but just wants to make sure that he is allowed to watch his regular movies. I think it is adorable that he wants to keep this rule so badly.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Too much information about me....

100 things about me

I like to dye my hair
I love massages
I want a pet- but need to see if I can handle three kids first
I want 7 kids
I look at peoples eyebrows a lot- am jealous of good shaped eyebrows
I am picky about how my butt looks in pants
I don't like being the center of attention
I have to take a shower each morning- even if I took one the night before
I hate blow drying my hair
I'm terrible at making cookies
I majored in elementary ed
I wish I had majored in interior decorating, marketing or health
I really want to be a waitress…
or a personal trainer someday
I want to get my masters- eventually
I am very competitive
I love a good work out
I have a crush on Patrick Demsey and Keifer Sutherland
My favorite shows are- house, the office, lost and 24
My favorite desert is cheesecake
I love breakfast for dinner
My favorite color is purple
My favorite colors to wear are green and brown
I love comfy clothes
I hate long drives
I love multi tasking- and can't stand only doing one thing at a time
I enjoy vacuuming
I like painting- but am not very good at it
I write lists a lot
I like shopping- especially at Ross or TJ Maxx
I love doughnuts
I used to have OCD bad- I would count my steps everywhere I went
Smudges on windows or stainless steal appliances drive me nuts
I don't like balancing the checkbook
or putting laundry away
I am shy when meeting new people
I did cheerleading one year in HS- it wasn't my thing
I played basketball and volleyball throughout HS
I like tennis and racquetball
I don't know how to style hair
I love unpacking and hanging things up
We have lived in five different places since we have been married
(I am married by the way) and I love my husband J
I don't like the cold- would rather be hot
But am so sick of the heat
I get antsy if I am home all day- I have to have an outing
My first car was a Chrysler Lebaron- my sister named the car Mrs. Waffles- it was the color of waffle batter
I like being tan- never use sunscreen
I don't like sad movies or books- only happy endings
I have recently begun to read as a pastime- I actually like it
I like organizing- closets, etc.
I like to use etc. and am picky about fonts
I am in college again and like the challenge
I take my kids to the library every Thurs.
I don't like being pregnant- but like having kids
I get along great with my in-laws
For some reason I want to have a horse someday- I don't ride though
I like Chinese food, Mexican food, Italian food- I like it all
I love going out to eat
I enjoy cooking but don't like cleaning up after big meals
I want to take a photography class and get a nice camera
I should be doing homework right now….
or be cleaning the bathrooms
I put off going to the post office for a long time
I get grouchy when I am tired- mean even!
I have not mowed the lawn since I have been married and don't plan on it
I think guys should take out the garbage, but I still usually do it
I don't drink soda very often
When I do- I like root beer (A& W)
A root beer float would be terrific right now- I used to not like them and now I do!
I love Gone with the Wind- and think Rhett Butler is hott
I don't like picking out Christmas presents for guys- they are hard to buy for
I love Christmas
I have never made Thanksgiving dinner
I decorate for Christmas when Thanksgiving dinner is over
I love going out on boats
I am becoming a wimp in my old age-
I used to go cliff jumping, on big rope swings and try to jump on the wakeboard- now I am a wimp
I get sinus headaches a lot
I am more judgmental then I should be and get angry quicker than I should
But for some reason - I still like myself
I am going to clean the bathrooms- I will finish this later…
The bed time routine with kids wears me out!!
I love watching my kids play pretend
I have two kids- with another due in December
I don't like a sticky floor
I am slightly anemic
I have never broken a bone
I rarely paint my toenails/fingernails
I love cold grapefruit with sugar on top
Pink berry ice cream is my friend
I like taking my kids on walks, to parks and to the pool
I like making crafts
I love alone time
I want Olive Garden breadsticks right now
I also want to scrapbook (while eating breadsticks?)
I love planning things and having something fun to look forward to
I am a lot like my mom- but also see a lot of my dad in me- that is why I am so awesome….
I think that this might have been a complete waste of time…
100. But I did it! Yea!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm becoming my mother!

Matt and I have been looking for ways to stretch the budget (I hate to budget!) But at this point in our lives am realizing the necessity of it and how smart it is. So- in my attempt to save money on groceries I decided to set up a weekly menu and then do my grocery shopping at Winco. (My mom of course promoting this idea)I decided that I would spend 100.00 there. So, I went with my list in hand and bargain shopped away- counting up the money in my head as I shopped (something I had never done before) At checkout I spent 101.72 and it was so fun shopping as a sort of game. I never thought I would enjoy this bargaining but it really was fun- I would encourage all to do it. Even if you feel like you have enough money to shop at the "nice stores" like Vons- I think you would be amazed at how much you would save at Winco- I took a pic of all the groceries I got for a 100- this is after I put all the refrigerated stuff away.

I know I am going on and on- but they also have these green bags that you can buy for 1.00. Then each time you use them they take off 6 cents- which isn't a ton- but you are doing your eco-friendly part as well as saving money if you use them 17 times- is my math right? Wow- I really am becoming my mother!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Ashton with his buddies Kade and Camden- do they look fun or what?

Ashton started preschool last week. My friend Melissa teaches from her home. So far he is enjoying it and will hopefully learn to listen to rules better- especially when around his little buddies. He knows all the kids in his preschool from church so has fun with them- but am sure gets a little rowdy with his buddies Camden and Kade. Good luck Melissa!

$105 down the toilet

Ashton swallowed a metal marble 10 tens ago. He was playing with it and for some reason decided to put it in in his mouth- then accidentally choked on it. I looked up on the handy Internet that he should be fine and should pass the marble in 4-5 days. It said that if the child complained of nausea or stomach pain to take him in to the doctors. After 8 days without passing the marble (that I knew of) and him complaining a few times about his stomach I was growing a little concerned. Then, on the eighth night since the marble swallowing incident, he woke up in the middle of the night screaming that his stomach hurt and acting like he was going to throw up. So, I decided I better take the poor child in.

I get to the doctors office- pay my 65.00 copay and then see the doctor who says that he definitely would have passed a marble by now because they are so smooth and little. He said he would do an x-ray to make sure (another 40.00) We get the x-ray done, and sure enough, there is the little marble inside my sons bowel. While viewing the x-ray we had a good talk about how we only put food in our mouths. The doctor looks at the x-ray and says it should pass within a few days. Since the Doctors was so intelligent to begin with saying he definitely would have passed it. But,sure enough, the next day Ashton passes the marble. We are all quite excited to have the little matter over with, but I wish Ashton would have passed it one day earlier and saved us the 105.00.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Look alike...

I have been meaning to do a post on pictures of me at Teras age. I have several people tell me how much she looks like me- infact one girl at the gym alwasy calls her "Kyras little cone." I do see a lot of similarities when I look at my childhood pictures.

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Visit from Parents

My parents were able to come down last week for a visit. It was so nice having them- I really dislike living far from them. (I would say hate but we are working on not using that word in our home) I didn't get too many pictures I realized- just the highlights
Canning peaches...
And a trip to Corona Del Mar Beach- Ashton loves his Grandparents. After they left he said. "I am not too excited that my Nana's not here." Me neither little man!

Teras Three!

Our little girl turned three today. It is so hard for me to believe! Just wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of our little girl growing up. She had a great time at her Little Mermaid birthday party Sat. and thoroughly enjoyed all her presents The kids watched the new Ariel movie on a big screen in the backyard.

Also, right on cue for the "terrible threes" (many say threes are harder than twos) Tera has developed her little attitude and independence. She wants to get dressed by herself, buckle herself, etc. The only problem is- she doesn't know how to do these things very efficiently, if at all. So, getting ready for church takes a long time. She has to put on her own dress and then throws a fit when I have to tie the bow in the back- she has even started hitting lately and calling me "dummy head" and "stinky mom." She recently has bit a few of her friends and a kid at the gym. I don't know what happened to my sweet little girl- I know she is in there somewhere under the attitude- she just knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it done- I guess I just have to get used to this new found independence (minus the biting of course) I already dealt with Ashton being a biter for years- I think another biter might force me to see a therapist. Regardless- I love this little girl.

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