Friday, January 29, 2010

Quotable kids

Ashton was trying to make a phone call the other day. He doesn't have our number memorized, but he does have my friend Kim's number memorized, so occasinally he will call her. This time he didn't dial correctly so the operator said "Your call cannot be completed as dialed." Ashton looked very confused and said "My call cannot be completed by child? How do they know it is a child?"

When we were on a walk the other day Tera looked at me and said "I am going to count to zero." She sat there for a second and then said "There, I did it" and started laughing.

When I was making dinner the other night Ashton looked in the pan and said "This chicken is making me disturbed"

Whenever Ashton is trying to negotiate with me, which is quite frequently he often will say "hownabout" he believes how about is one word with an n in the middle. I think it is too cute to correct.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This is love...

Mazzi loves this cat. She follows him around the house and I am convinced she is saying "yoda." Today she discovered that after she drinks her bottle the cat will lick her face because he likes the milk. She loves it and giggles the whole time as she tries to get him to kiss her.

And athough I know Yoda is a bit bothered by this little one constantly following him around... he seems to like her too considering he sits next to her bath the whole time she is in it.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Endearing Quality...

I am always posting cute things my kids do and say and poor Matt is never blogged about. So, I needed to blog this blog-worthy event. Matt picked out a snowboarding jacket online. Matt loves a good deal. I think this is a very endearing quality about him. He looks at deal websites like dealnews or slick deals almost daily. This is also quite cute. He never buys anything for himself so when he does and he gets it in the mail (he never shops in stores) he gets very excited- Even giddy. So this particular moment pictured is after he opened up his 50.00 jacket (usually 200.00, in case you were wondering) and was looking in front of the mirror and going on and on (very adorably) about what a good deal it was, how warm it was and how he didn't even know it came with an extra liner-also pictured below, which is actually like getting 2 jackets for 50.00. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of seeing him with his new possession. What it is about getting new things that sometimes reverts us back to our childhood days? I love this man.

Another endearing quality about Matt is how cute he is with our kids. When he gets home from work he quickly finds each of the kids to hug and plays with them. The girls especially love their daddy. Tera loves to take pictures and when I was going through the pictures I found these pictures of Matt and I had to laugh. I am sure Tera asked him to pose and he obeyed. (Not knowing these picture would later be posted on the blog) He would do anything to make his little girl smile or giggle. He is a good father. We love you Matt.
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Meet Yoda

We decided life wasn't exciting enough at the Thompson home, so we got a kitty. The kids were supposed to get a kitty for Christmas, but he came a little late. It didn't help that it took a week and a half to actually adopt the little guy from the shelter. But we got him home today and it feels like he was made to be our pet. I have always liked the fluffy kitty's but my kids always seem to pick the skinny long ones. Oh well- he's cute... jut in a skinny way, and they both wanted him and him only the moment they laid eyes on him. So here's our little Yoda...

Mazzi likes him
I like him...Tera likes him

And Ashton likes him...And Matt hasn't met him. But he will like him too :)

Messy Mazzi

Moments after getting Yodas kitty litter box and cat food all set up in the laundry room- for the purpse of it not being directly in Mazzi's path, I go upstairs to find her mixing the cat food and kitty litter in the water dish with the food dish broken. This little turkey loves to make messes. Instances after cleanign up this mess Ashotn comes upstairs to show me that he has made chicken nuggest all by himself (he's quite proud). He then spills the chicken nuggest and bbq sauce all over the carpet and Teras comforter. I try to not get too upset beacuse I am proud of him for beign so self sufficnet. But, why are kids so messy?? Speaking of, who knows what messes they are making as I type this! I better go check.

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Sweetest Kisses...

Mazzi recently has discovered she loves to kiss. She is constantly making the "mmmwwahh" noise and looking for the next person to kiss. When Matt and I are together she goes back and forth kissing us... and we can't get enough of her sweet kisses. And look at this cute little girl with her lips puckered- would you be able to pass up a kiss from her? Nana and Uncle Trevor were enjoying Mazzi's kisses. Today in the car she had a little stuffed animal and I kept hearing her in the back giving it kisses. I love this stage!

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This concerns me....

At my moms Tera asked me to take pictures of her. She proceeded to pose for me as follows...

But who am I to talk? I am the one getting my picture taking by advertisements of Britney.
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New Years Eve

We had a great night together as a family- minus Matt :( We had a ping pong tournament, watched our favorite u tube videos, ate good appetizers and played games. I have a fun family :)

The community tooth brushing.
My dad smacked his head on a cabinet so hard it started bleeding only a few minutes after the new years. Could this be a bad sign for 2010?? Hopefully not.

My midnight kiss...
Sierra and Ashton watching the ping pong tournament- which my dad always wins by the way.

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Roller Skating

My siblings and I spent many a weekends and summer days roller skating at the skating rink in Redding so I decided it was about time the kids got in on the fun. So, my mom, Sierra and I went and tried to teach the kids to skate. We were not very successful. Turns out it is very hard to learn roller skating and all three of us were defenitley needed to take shifts teaching. We were all very tired after holding them up as they attempted to skate for two hours.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Redding Events...

Ashton and Buster, my parents cat. Ashton has loved this cat since he was a little baby. I think Buster has always loved Ashton though been a bit afraid of him, and for a good reason. But this trip, a few times Buster choose to snuggle up to Ashton, or even lay down to sleep with him. When Ashton and I were going through the pictures I asked him which one was his favorite from our trip. I expected him to say one of him with the bb gun, or him with a Christmas present, but he said it was this one of him and Buster. He loves this cat!
The "Scoop on Poop" A cool exhibit and the Turtle Bay Museum in Redding where the kids got to learn about animal poop. I learned that an elephant poops out my weight in only 7 hours! Crazy!

Going out to a traditional Chevys dinner with Michelle, Sephora and Grace....
Me with my other BFF, Britney. I don't like this picture of me. You know how in some pictures you just look too happy?? That is how I feel about this picture.... but I am that happy to be standing by a picture of Britney.
At the fun center with my kids and Ashely's kids (my bf from High school)

Mazzi hanging out with Aiden, my other bff's little boy. They are only four days apart. So cute!
Ashton and Tera hanging out with their Aunt Sandra and Uncle Trevor.
Playing Ninja at a game night with some friends. Matt dominated...
Silly Trevor and Sandra...