Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not my son!

I got this note from the lady watching Ashton at the gyms Kids club. She handed it to me as I was teaching my class. I opened it and could not stop laughing! I went into kids club to discipline him and then returned and read the class out loud to my class telling them I could not believe Ashton would do something like this. It doesn't sound like sweet little Ashton does it?? I was glad to have this in writing so I can put it in his scrapbook. Proof from someone besides his mother that he is a handful! If you can't read the note it says:

Ashton is not paying attention calling me a liar, sticking his tongue out at me and calling kids names.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

6 months

Mazzi Shaye is six months old!

Time is going by way too quickly with this little one. She is precious and makes my life that much more wonderful. I feel honored to have been chosen to be her mother and wish so badly I could slow down time. Why is it time DRAGS on and on when I am pregnant and miserable and then when I just want to enjoy my little baby girl- time speeds up? It makes me understand so much more the words from a song my Dad used to sing me- "Don't grow up too fast" Because babies and kids grow up way too quickly! Here's hoping the next six months don't go by as quickly. Just thinking about Mazzi turning a year old in such a short time makes me want to cry!
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Free makeovers

Tera is offering free makeovers at our house. Makeover includes makeup, maicures and pedicures.
This week only you can also have your legs bedazzled with alphabet stickers.

*Other stickers availalbe (Dora, Scooby-doo, spider man, etc)
* Call Tera for details.
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My Dads cooler than your Dad

I have always firmly believed that I have the coolest Dad ever (even when he has nasty facial hair- see picture below)
I know I am who I am today because of my Dad. Because he believed in me and helped me feel his love and the love of my Heavenly Father. He always had faith in me and saw the goodness in me- even as a snotty teenage girl. I have so many fond memories of my Dad and have always felt proud to be his daughter. He is smart and can figure anything out, he has a way of captivating people when he talks, he is good at everything he tries (racquetball, arm wrestling, knee-boarding, air chair, to name a few) I feel like he will always protect me and that I would never get hurt with my dad there, and he makes me laugh. I feel blessed to be his daughter and to have him as the grandpa to Matt and I's children. I love you Dad! Happy Fathers Day!

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Happy Fathers Day!

Watching Matt play with the kids will always be among my favorite memories. The children are blessed to have a dad who takes the time to play with them. I asked the kids some of their favorite things to do with their Dad. Tera likes to kiss him and dance with him, go on motorcycle rides with him and roll the ball with him. Ashton likes to wrestle him, play kites with him and catch with him. We love you Matt!  Thanks for being a righteous leader in our home and for all you do for our family.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dohney Beach

We had a great time camping with friends at Dohney beach a few weekends ago. It took me a while to get this post up because it took me this long to recover! 

Me, Matt and Mazzi (My face is not dirty- just sun burnt)
Mazzi loved hanging out by the campfire.
Ashton and Tera with friends Davis and Tatum at the rocks looking at crabs. 

Ashton, Tatum and Tera

Ashton and Mommy making silly faces at the campfire. Yes- Ashton is filthy! 

Mazzi was fascinated by the glow sticks we brought for the kids. 
Ashton and Tatum spotted some spiders in a tree.

I asked Tera to share her banana with Brendan. I thought she would break off a piece for him, but instead she gave him a bite, then took a bite, then gave him another. It was adorable!
Rich and Matt returning from surfing 

Ashton and Tera having fun with glow sticks.
Tera and Tatum as mermaids. This is always Teras favorite part. She could sit and be a mermaid all day long.
Each kid had a kite. Surprisingly we didn't have too many tangles. Ashton ended up losing his spider man kite and cried for a long time over that. It broke his heart. 
Mazzi discovered sand is awesome! She didn't eat any so I was proud of her. This is actually a very silly picture of her- but I love how happy she is to be sitting in the sand!

We had a great time with our friends and are grateful to be back and have all the stinky laundry done! Thanks Niki for planning a great trip! 
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ninja Baby

Ashton is training Mazzi in the ways of a Ninja warrior. I often catch him giving Mazzi a sword to play with him.

This day he dressed Mazzi up as Leonardo (The Ninja Turtle for those of you without little boys) He put both of the swords on her back held on by a little boa.

She makes a pretty cute Ninja!
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Some Firsts...

Some Firsts for Mazzi at Five months
First time eating table food
First trip to Disneyland
First time sitting on grass- she loved it!
First baseball game (Stom game)
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What greater gift?


I feel blessed with the friends I have made here in Lake Elsinore. After living here only a few months I felt I had made friends that would become lifelong friends. In a way, since most of my friends here don't have family close by, we became a type of family. Celebrating some holidays together, having game nights, hanging out at the pool, doing girls nights, scrapbooking, etc. All of us girls have the same beliefs and standards and even have kids around the same age. We seem to live in a situation that could never be duplicated. I don't believe I could be anywhere else and find a GROUP of friends that I could love as much as I love the girls I have met living here. (Not to say that I don't have other great INDIVIDUAL friends- so those reading don't be offended) But as a group of friends- the group dynamic was just perfect. I knew that eventually someone would move or things would change in someway, because that is what life is all about-changes. So, the day came when Shelley informed us that she might be moving to Seattle. I don't think I ever really believe she was leaving us. But, yesterday she flew out of Lake Elsinore to Seattle, and left us all missing her and feeling a hole in the group. Girl nights and game nights and days at the pool will not be the same without Shelley and her family. We will miss them here but are grateful that they are lifelong friends. Her moving has made me really thank my Heavenly Father for friends and for those friendships that touch and shape our lives, we cannot take friendships for granted. We are placed in one anothers lives for a reason. So I love you Shelley- I love you all my friends! And thank you! 

I also needed to post my favorite hymn. This describes perfectly how I feel about my friends and this hymn has always held a special place in my heart.

'Each Life That Touches Ours for Good'':

What greater gift dost thou bestow,What greater goodness can we know

Than Christ-like friends, whose gentle ways. Strengthen our faith, enrich our days.

For worthy friends whose lives proclaim, Devotion to the Savior's name,

Who bless our days with peace and love,  We praise thy goodness Lord above.

Look alikes.

Mazzi is looking like her sister more and more. Tera was a bit chubbier and darker, but they definitely look similar- especially their months. Mazzi has more of the Thompson look to her, while Tera has more of her mommy's side. But I think their both pretty stinkin' cute.

Top-Tera, bottom- Mazzi
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Six Quirks

1. Beds have to be made in my house. If I have to leave in a rush and don't get home till 7 pm- I will still make them just to sleep in them.

2. I feel bad for my couch when it gets squashed or I see the cushions getting flattened. When Matt lays on the couch I get mad and tell him to take a nap on our bed because he is flattening the cushions. He thinks I am crazy.

3. I love jeans. If I could live in one item of clothing or could only buy one item of clothing it would be jeans. Even if I don't need jeans- I am always tempted by a cute pair of them.

4. I analyze voice mail greetings or answering machines greetings. If the voice sounds phony, too perky, not perky enough, if it's too long, if its not changed often enough, etc.

5. I compare my grass to every ones. I am constatly having Matt look at peoples grass and asking them their tricks and trying to get our grass to look as good. But we refuse to water it tons because we are are cheap. (By the way- Sarah and Kim- your grass looks awesome! I noticed it on our walk the other day)

6. I don't usually sit and watch tv or a movie unless I am doing something else- scrapbooking, eating, folding laundry. We have not had cable or DISH since we have been married- 7 years and I don't think we will ever have it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

One year older...

And wiser too?? Happy to me.

I celebrated my 26th last week. We had a great night with our friends at Red Robin and then a movie at our house. Thanks for all those who joined the celebration! A special thanks to Kim- she made me feel so special with the balloons and party favors set up and then making lots of cookies and getting a cheesecake for the movie afterwards. Plus everyone went in on a group gift and I got some fun gift cards to my favorite store- Ross! So thank you thank you!

Celebrating with the family- Mazzi was pretty interested in the fire.
We all blew out the candles together.

And my main gift from Matt and with the money from the Grandmas (THANKS Grandmas!) We were able to retire our 17 inch TV
for a 32 inch TV. Not huge- but not little! It was a happy day.