Saturday, January 24, 2009

My jogging buddies...

Our friends gave us their double jogging stroller and it has become my favorite thing. Mazzi sits in the back (Sleeping or screaming) Tera sits in the front and Ashton rides his bike ahead of us. It is so nice to be able to get out and exercise and to be able to take the kiddos along with me. I love that Ashton already knows the importance of exercise. If we haven't gone for a walk or anything that day he will tell me that he needs to get some exercise. And after his bike ride or his walk he will grab a bottle of water and a snack and say that exercising makes him hungry and thirsty!
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A visit from Grandma

Matt's mom came down to see Mazzi for the first time last week. We had a nice visit with her- and of course little Mazzi won her over.

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Ashton the builder...

Ashton loves to nail pieces of wood together. It is cute to see him projecting away. This particular day he was trying to build a PlayStation- (good luck) I don't think he gets the complexity of electronics yet. But some wood, nails, a hammer, a drill and screws will entertain the kid for hours! And he has not lost any fingers or stabbed himself with many nails... yet

Ashton loves when I go to Lowe's and get wood for my vinyl lettering business because he knows he will get the scraps. But several times I will go out to get just the right size wood that I cut to specific dimensions for a project and will find it screwed or nailed to several other scraps of wood. That's just my Ash!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scary sight...

I heard Ashton saying "ouch" and went to see what my creative son was doing. Apparently he had put multiple band aids on his face. One right over his eyebrow and one in his hair. When he went to pull them off, obviously it was painful. So, my bright little guy decided that he would cut the band-aid off. When I caught him in this position I told him to freeze (so I could get a picture) then lectured him about how we don't put sharp objects by our eyes and that we don't cut off our hair or eyebrows to remove band-aids; that is Mommy's job.
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When I grow up...

The other day I asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up- Ashton said he wanted to be Batman. Not a "fake batman" though. He wants to be the real one. "With a mask"
Posted by PicasaTera said she wanted to be Ariel and Tinkerbell- so she could swim and fly. I asked her what Mommy was going to be when she grew up and she said "Cinderella." When I asked what Daddy was going to be she said "Ummm... a ladybug, or a butterfly."
You just never know what kids are going to say!

It's gonna be a good day...

Floors are vacuumed
Bathrooms cleaned
Laundry done
Baby bathed
Closets organized
Garbage's emptied
Dishwasher unloaded
Kids fed
Dinner simmering in the crock pot…

I have to say seeing my house clean and all the dirty clothes hampers empty an clothes put away makes me giddy inside. Happy cleaning to eveyone else out there!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lucky me...

I get to cuddle this sweet little girl everyday. I adore her!

She is a calm, peaceful, serious, sweet, cuddly, lovable little girl. I am enjoying seeing how much her personality is showing through as an infant (as it did with my other two)

Her first Sunday- her little newborn church dress (the only one I could find at Target)

This one is my favorite- how peaceful!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A visit from friends...

Our good friends, the Eatons came down to Elsinore to see us this week. We met at BYU Idaho four years ago. When we all graduated and went our separate ways we were so glad Amy has family in Southern California so that we are at least guaranteed an annual visit.
When we met the Eatons, Ashton and Seth were about a year old at the time and only a few weeks apart. They were instant buddies/enemies. Ashton always begged to play with Seth. They were quite inseparable. This visit they got along great and it was fun seeing them reunited!
A few weeks after meeting each other we both announced that we were pregnant- and due two weeks apart. We both had girls- Tera and Sydney. While they didn't get to know each other in Idaho (we moved when they were about three months old) they cliqued instantly this trip. They are both a bit shy and reserved and love to play dress up and twirl around.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when Amy told me she was pregnant and we found out we were expecting a few weeks later. Our girls Mazzi and Chloe are 2 months apart. So far our families are in perfect alignment- so we will see what happens in the future! They could possibly be our twin family? We loved their visit! Thanks for coming Amy!

My babies...


Posted by PicasaI am still trying to see the similarities in my babies-the biggest being their lips and nose- and that I think they are all stinkin' adorable!

Hiking through the fog...

Last weekend we went on a short little hike/walk in an area close to our home. It was beautiful despite the chill... we had a good time.
The way in which our kids hiked was a great representation of their personalities. Ashton was in the lead almost the entire time, while Tera was always at the rear and often wanted to be held.

The kids- this is why we went on a short hike!

When I told Ashton we were going hiking he said "Yea! That's what hunters do!" And he insisted on wearing his camo pants. Mazzi slept through her first hike with her Daddy holding her.
Doesn't Matt look excited?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mexico ride...

While my parents were here my dad took Matt to ride a couple days in Mexico. I don't know the details so there won't be much journaling on this page- but wanted Matt to know that this event was important enough to blog about.

Here they are in Mexico somewhere (Quite specific right?)

Here they are somewhere else in Mexico- (I know I should be a writer)

Some rocks in Mexico

Matt and the dirtbikes in... you guessed it MEXICO!

And Matt's favorite, though a bit embarrassing video. I guess it was really muddy and these are the only times Matt fell on the whole trip. My Dad also fell a few times before when he went through and Matt thinks this is why my Dad decided to video- just to make Matt look like an incompetent rider. If you need more details- please ask Matt.

Daddy's Girl

Matt is great with newborns, and our little Mazzi is no exception. Her awake time always happens to be right when Matt gets back from work so she loves to have him hold her and just looks right into his eyes. It is so cute!

My family is.... SCARY!

My lil' Sis (who is always full of creative ways to entertain herself) decided to take pictures of everyone and have a scary face contest. We never picked a winner- so you get to help us choose.


Me- I must say I scare myself!




Mom- can you see why I don't like when she gets mad?

Tera- wow- that is really scary!

Mazzi- I don't think she understood the objective of the game.
Who do YOU think is the SCARIEST?