Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nana and Ashton playing tag at Hermosa beach-
Tera all bundled up- it was a cold day at the beach. Tera loved to sit on the bench on the pier and watch the waves come in. Whenever we would tell her it was time to go she would say "one more." She has always loved the beach- it runs in the family!Ashton- a future photographer?? Ashton asked if he could take a picture so we let him and were impressed with his abilities- we will hire him out if you are interested!
I made the mistake of telling Ashton that his Nana was coming- two days before the actual day she arrived. So, for two days Ashton could often be found at this window waiting for his Nana. He made a list of things he wanted to do when she arrived. The list included- play tag, walk on the bridge, feed the ducks, check the mail, play with the kitty (aka Cleo) and go to the pizza place.He loves his Grandma! When we dropped her off at the airport he sulked and if Tera or I tried to make him happy he would say, "I don't want to be happy right now- I just miss my Nana." That night when I tucked him in bed I asked if he missed his Grandma and he said "yes, she is my best friend." I love to watch them play together!
Ashtons great grandma bought him a big boy spiderman bike. Ashton has went on a ride every day since and is loving it. He looks so big riding down the street!
The Joy of Joy School...
Ashton and Jared- usually the wild ones-
Today was officially the last day of Joy School at my house- what an adventure it has been. I have so much more respect for those who work and teach preschool daily-(way to go Melissa) it is draining to me with just the three boys once every three weeks! It has been fun to watch the boys learn (but mostly wrestle) and through this expereince I have learned that Ashton will probably not start kindergarden until next year. He would barley meet the cut off date for this year, but I am thinking it might be kind for his potential teacher to try to teach him a bit more self control before sticking him in the school system. At this point he would probably end up in the principles office for kicking his teacher and telling him or her that he did not like them and they were not his friend. What can I say? We are doing a great job as parents!!

Blogger in need of help!

So- I thought that I had learnd how to post multiple small pics. next to eachother- but instead, it looks like this.... if any one knows how to get the smaller pics next to eachtoher instead of so spread out- i would be much obliged- apprarently I am not very tech-savy!

Home, Colorful Home

Since we moved in a year ago we have managed to paint most rooms in our house (much to Matts dismay) My goal is to have no white walls- we have the bathrooms and laundry room left- wish me luck in persuading Matt- any ideas for good laundry room color?
Master bedroom..... Master bath... Dining room

Ashtons blue room- complete with new quilts made haphazardly by mom.... Teras room

Our unpainted kids bathroom- Matt assures me that I will not be copying Megans bathroom color and that this room will remnain white- perhaps it is colorful enough? The new almost done yellow/gold guest bathroom.

Our office- the place I now blog- scrapbook, etc. The kitchen- longing for an island!

We are loving our home!! It is so nice to be out of apartments and we feel so blessed! I will post pics of the outside when I get a chance- I know a lot of you have seen our home- I guess this is for all our out of town homes- now you can picture where we live- I know your lives just weren't complete until now:)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Random Things....

Sandals Jamaica--- if that made you think of the office good- that is why I am posting this picture!
I forgot to post this picture with the cruise ones- this is dedicated to all the office lovers out there. You have to look in the background- but that is a billboard for sandals Jamaica- the resort where Michael Scott and Jane went- I saw that and we just had to get a picture taken there!
Best Buddies- Ashton and Seth hung out together everyday when we lived in Rexburg, ID. It was so fun getting them back together and seeing that they still loved to play (and fight) together.

You might be a redneck if.... You look like this
Our friend Heather threw a party for her hubby Seth. Y0u had to come in costume- a redneck or hick. It was fun dressing up. Matt looks for any excuse possible to wear these flag pants!
Seth and Heather- what a darling couple! (Above) Kim and Clint below- I must say we have the best looking friends-am I right?
Good morning Cuties...

I think that the sweetest sight to see is my kiddos in their PJ's sitting together on the
couch. Each morning Tera wakes us and says "downstairs." She loves to go downstairs and visit Ashton and turn on a movie. (Usually Scobby Doo) I had to take a picture to remember this precious time and these early mornings!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Christmas! I tried to get rid of the red eye in this picture, and instead it looks like I accidentally created a black eye on Tera- oops! Looks like I ruined it. I better get copies of this one in sepia!
Our favorite Christmas memory- waking up to Ashton saying "Santa ate them all!" At 3:30 am. It was hard to get him to go back to sleep but we finally convinced him to lay down with us. He wiggled in our bed until he snuck out of bed and we woke up at 5:30am to discover he had already opened everyones stockings! Tera loved opening the presents and would say "ahhh..." very excitedly every time she opened something- even if it was a pack of underwear!