Monday, November 29, 2010

3 musketeers reunite

These pictures make me smile. Ashton could play with his friends Kade and Brandon every day, all day if I would allow it. When they got together when we went down for our visit to Lake Elsinore they were in heaven together. Asthon sat on the front porch of Kades house waiting for the boys to get back from school. When I asked if I could get a picture of them together this is how they posed...

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Close to home...

While we were in Lake Elsinore we had to take a trip to the beach. I LOVE THE BEACH. I never want to live somewhere that I can't just drive to the beach any day I want. We went to Cafe Rio with several friends and then were meeting at Laguna beach afterwards. But there were two groups that caravaned nd both caravans ended up at different parts of Laguna Beach. After spending a few hours at the beach we were stuck in traffic for three hours on the drive home... but it was still very worth it. The beach brings peace to my soul and helps me feel my Saviors love and nearness at a place where I am surrounded by so much beauty and the sounds of my children laughing.

I enjoyed spending time with these amazing women, Amy and Tara, and their beautiful children and newborns-

I love the look on Tera's face- can you tell she loves the beach as much as her Mommy?

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Ashtons "Real" Birthday

When I asked Ashton what he wanted to do for his birthday, he said "All I want to do is have my birthday at our house in Lake Elsinore." I know he wanted to spend his birthday with his close buddies. And, luckily his birthday is on Veterans day so we were able to drive down and spend a few days there and celebrate his birthday.

In stark contrast to Ashton's other party with friends, Ashton's party in Lake Elsinore was a huge success. Most of his buddies showed up and partied for hours. We rented a bounce house and had pizza, brownies and lemon cake for treats. Ashton had a huge smile on his face the whole day as he played with his buddies.

Here's Ashton's favorite gift.... money. His face lit up when he opened this. I think it left us all wondering why we didn't all just give him 10.00 and spare ourselves the pain of shopping and picking out the "perfect gift." He is a tad obsessed with money right now.

I enjoyed being surrounded by so many close friends, all beautiful women inside and out. Thanks for showing up and showing me how wonderful it is to have reliable friends. You made my day... and of course Ashton's.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An emotional party

Ashton wanted to have a birthday party with some of his Redding buddies. He was so excited about it. He gave out invitations to a few friends from church, some friends in his class at school and then to two of my friends sons. Because we have never had good luck with friends from school attending parties (especially since I don't know any of the parents) I decided to double check with everyone that I knew and remind them about the party. I texted and posted on face book a few days before the event so that I would know that he would at least have a few guests coming. Ashton is my son, so is a planner, and wants everything to be how he pictures it and wants everyone to be there that says they are coming. So there were a total of five boys that said they would be coming for sure. Anytime Ashton talked about his party I would say all nine boys might not be there, but at least five would be.

The day of the party I brought Ashton's friend Riley, who is also my moms neighbor with us tot the Fun Center. His buddy from church was there, and luckily he had come with his mom who brought his two bothers who were also close to Ashton's age. Ashton kept looking around and waiting for his other friends to show up and I could tell he was getting sad. Anytime a car pulled up and it wasn't one of his friends he would get very disappointed. He and Tera spent hours making place mats for each guests out of paper, glue and glitter. Each one saying the guests name. So, when few guests arrived, the place mats made him even more aware of all the guests who had not show up and the empty spots at the table.

An hour into the party, with only two guests I decided to call my two friends who said they would be bringing their boys (keep in mind these friends are some of my only close friends in Redding) Much to my dismay they had both forgotten about the party, despite my reminders. I thought I was going to have an emotional break-down. And I did have bit of one. It was just another reminder of why its been hard for me to live in Redding. I have few friends and some of the ones I have are very un-reliable. I felt like I had been open to them about my lack of good friends here and yet they had still let me down. So, I told them that Ashton was very sad that he only had two friends show up. They ended up coming to the party late and it made Ashton happy to have more of his buddies show up and made me happy that they put in the effort (even if it was purely out of guilt)

I know I have my flaky moments as a friend but I really hope I don't have many of those moments because it is hurtful to have that happen. I try not to hold a grudge, aware that things happen, but the more it becomes a common occurrence the more it puts a strain on our friendship. I was glad we had another birthday party planned for Ashton in Lake Elsinore where I was confident people would show up and not flake out. I am grateful for reliable friends. I have determined that to be one of the most important characteristics in a friend.

Here are a few pictures at the birthday party. He did end up having a nice birthday party. Ashton requested a Recces birthday cake.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ashtons Family Party...

Ashton wanted to go bowling for his party with the family. We had a great time together celebrating one of our favorite guys.

Ashton was being silly with his Aunt Kari and Uncle Jason. They made a series of faces ranging from silly to excited to sad.

Ashton with his Papa. These two have a lot of fun together.

This was one of my favorite memories from the night- Ashton got a strike when bowling and jumped up shouting "Yay! Home run!" He didn't get that a strike was a good thing in bowling.

I loved watching the three kiddos all squatting down at the end of the bowling lane watching their ball roll towards the pin. I love my family and my Ashton.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Right where we left off...

We had a nice visit with friends in Lake Elsinore. On our last night there we went out on a date night with friends. I'm bummed we didn't get a group picture and that lot of people are un-pictured altogether. I did take solo pictures of everyone but decided to leave them off this. We ate dinner at "The Mill", an amazing little pizza/pasta place in Murrietta that Meagan discovered. It was mighty tasty and is one of my new faves. Following dinner we went to bowl at Trevi Lanes and had a fun time being silly together. One highlight being Matt doing the "slide, slide, slide" dance. I was in awe of Niki coming out to join us for dinner and bowling after having a baby four days ago and a trip to the ER in the middle of the night with McKynlee the night before. She is such a trooper. We finished off the night with a disappointing Denny's experience and went home exhausted and grateful for our friends.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

How I know who my true friends are...

They will dress up like Britney Spears with me( modest versions) sing karaoke to her songs, watch "Crossroads," "Britney Live at Vegas", and do a choreographed dance routine to "Toxic" with me. (Choreography by Kim)
* Niki I know you would have been there if you hadn't just had a baby! You are excused :) Love you girls!