Monday, May 9, 2011

You've got Style

My kids crack me up with some of the things they come out wearing. One particular evening they were all very excited about picking out each others outfits before we took off to rent a redbox. Ashton picked out Teras outfit and Tera picked out his. Ashton looked at different dresses that Teras Barbie dolls were wearing to come up with the fashion idea for Teras outfit. Apparently the Barbie's outfit he liked was one with layers. Tera loved this lookalso and has since tried to put on the exact same out fit many times. Each time I have to tell her no. I am far from a mom who stresses over what her kids look like. We have been many a places looking very grubby... but even I have to draw the line somewhere. Tera thought that stripes and plaid went well together for Ashton's outfit. Mazzi actually looked quite normal. I think I convinced them to let me help pick out her outfit. And while the kids wouldn't be winning any prizes for best dressed this particular night, at least at the moment they were all bathed and clean. (Which can only be said for one part of every day in our home)

And here they are enjoy the redbox feature they picked out. I love movie night with my kids!
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Kipn n' Sarah said...

You are a fantastic mommy!!!

Sara said...

what cute outfits those were. My favorite is the pj's and the cowboy boots though. i have a picture of Emily when she was that age wearing a pj shirt, underwear and phillips shoes while she was dancing on the coffee table. i love it. (It makes my mom cringe that i let her stand on the table... i figure as long as she promised not to ever dance on a tables at parties, as a teenager that she could get up there occasionally to entertain us. ; )

Katie said...

Your kids are funny. One day they will be into fashion and there goes your pocket book! hehe... Movie night, what an exciting night. I want to join!